Digital marketing continues to change year after year. And its market also continues to grow as more brands are starting to recognize how important this method is in reaching their goals. No wonder business owners and marketers flock toward different online marketing channels just to create a strong and effective online presence.

This year, one of the most popular ways to stand out as your target audience gets bombarded with sponsored content and online ads all day is through videos. It can help you break through the cluttered newsfeed of your audience on social media or help make your website’s content more engaging. Studies also show that come 2019, video in general will occupy 80% of the web traffic, making it a great investment.

But what about businesses with limited budget? How do you compete with a lot of good video content without spending too much? A great alternative you can use is animated video. It will offer the same benefits you get out of high quality and live action videos that your competitors are using minus having to spend thousands of dollars.

Through animated videos, you can tell your brand story, entertain your audience, and explain why your service or brand is worth their attention.

If you need more convincing as to why you should incorporate animated video in your digital marketing efforts, here are more reasons to help you decide:

1. Animated videos are easy to make
Compared to doing live action videos, animated videos are a lot feasible. With live action, you need to hire actors, look for a good location, rent equipment, and hire editing team. But with animation video, all you need is to hire a corporate video production company who offers animation services. You will cut your expenses in half while sending the same message across. The rest of the budget can be used to other marketing efforts that will strengthen your online presence. You can either use the budget to produce more products, host events, or use as a prize for an online contest.

2. Animated videos will not limit your creativity
Aside from cutting out the whole video shoot process, animation video offers you the flexibility to be in different locations, have different actors, and have different story lines. Any concept can come to life, whether you want to use robots, flying objects, or even ghosts and monsters. Skip right to the editing phase and cut down on labor cost. You will even save yourself from the hassle of coordinating with different teams and managing anyone’s schedule. While you may still need a video production team, the cost be so much less than a live video.

3. Animated videos let you have consistent content
The competitive industry of digital marketing requires you to consistently publish content to engage your audience. This could be a challenge, especially for start up companies that don’t have much budget to produce content. With animation videos, you can consistently create new content that will position your business in front of your target audience at all time. It has short production time and is way cheaper that other ways of creating videos.

Plus, its so easy to edit and update your published content. If you want to change update your old live-action video into an animated video, it’s easy to ask your animated video team to go back in and change text or imagery as needed.

If you are interested in using animated video in your marketing efforts, be sure to contact Reelmedia Pte Ltd. We have the expertise and know how to help you reach your business goals through efficient animation video services.

Are you looking to attract new customers?

Do you want to explain how your product or service works?

Would you like to educate people about the benefits your product or service offers?

You can accomplish all three objectives using animation videos.

Animation videos are straight to the point and quick productions that can help convert and deliver.

If you have not added animation videos to your marketing arsenal yet, here are some reasons why you should:

It can be used as a powerful sales tool for marketing.

Animation videos are considered potent marketing tools for many reasons.

One primary reason is it can be viewed by prospects day and night.

Once you post your video to your site or social media channels, you will have the potential to attract customers 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Undoubtedly, that advantage beats conventional marketing methods by a long shot.

In addition, it’s also a method that can pay for itself numerous times over.

E-mail marketing combined with animation video is also considered one of the most effective and popular forms of online marketing.

Site visitors are more inclined to watch a video rather than read a long article detailing your service or product and marketing experts the world over have caught on to these new developments.

  • 76 percent of marketers are planning to increase their use of video marketing and YouTube.
  • 9 percent of marketers picked video as the content type that yield the best ROI.

It can help you connect with your audience more effectively.

In terms of online activities, both consumers and professionals consider watching video to be at the top of their list.

This means you can surely use your corporate videos to connect with both your current and prospective customers on a deeper level.

To make your animation video even more effective, you need to ensure your script is exceptional.

In addition, it should also hit key emotional points and must clearly show customers why you are their best option.

  • Site visitors spend 100 percent of their line on web pages that have videos.
  • 90 percent of consumers watch online videos.
  • At least 52 percent of all mobile traffic can be attributed to videos.
  • 59 percent of senior executives prefer videos rather than texts.

It can help effortlessly showcase the benefits of your product or service.

Depending on the type of business you are engaged in, it can sometimes be challenging to highlight the benefits of your product or service.

Fortunately, an animation video gives you the luxury to highlight all the benefits you can offer alongside all the relevant information you want to convey in a crisp, neat, and attractive video package.

Animation videos can also be used to clearly explain how your product or service works.

In addition, it can also be used to answer FAQs from customers both current and prospective.

  • 1 in 4 shoppers have used YouTube to search for videos relevant to the product they want to purchase.
  • 73 percent of consumers are more likely to buy a product after they have watched a video that explains how the product or service can benefit them.

It can help significantly boost conversion rates.

Many studies have indicated that presentations using video have a much higher conversion rate compared to other types of marketing.

This can be attributed to the fact that animation videos are short and to the point, therefore, way easier to digest.

Videos are also highly targeted and more entertaining.

As long as you take into account your target customers, it is very easy to create a video that appeals to their desires and needs.

With a highly targeted video, your conversion can go off the roof.

  • Using the word video in the e-mail subject line can increase click through rates by as much as 65 percent.
  • 71 percent of marketers acknowledge that conversion performance of videos is way better compared to other kinds of marketing content.

It can help improve search engine optimization.

Animation videos can definitely give your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts a massive boost.

With YouTube considered as the second biggest search engine the world over, it’s easy to see how this is possible.

Many videos rank high on the top search results for particular targeted keywords.

Apart from having a presence on YouTube, it would also help a lot if you optimize your business site’s landing page.

  • A video can help triple the average number of linking domains.
  • 77 percent of marketers on YouTube use keyword tagging effectively. As a result, they are able to provide several entries when people search for content.

Many statistics indicate that marketers and business owners plan to integrate more videos in their campaigns and for good reasons.

Given that it’s done right, videos can help attract new prospects, impress current ones, amplify your reach, and significantly increase your revenue.