Are your ads not taking you to your target ROI? If your answer to all these questions is YES, then it’s high time for you to launch a video that promotes your business right on the dot. And we are here to do the job for you.


Online video marketing is truly powerful when combined with social networking for your business. The video may spread virally online with no effort or costs on your part, driving massive amounts of traffic to your website.


Rank your Website on the First Page of the Search Engines Increase the free traffic to your website and increase your Profits Online. Get found when people search for your products & services

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Reelmedia is in the business of helping companies become category leaders through videos, SEO and inbound marketing. Our Mission is to enable companies and entrepreneurs to leverage on the power of online videos and organic traffic to grow their business, and dominate their niche.

Our corporate video production focuses on videos that sell – helping business owners and companies increase their revenue by using videos to clearly explain their products and services. We don’t believe in hype or fancy, creative videos that look great but don’t bring in results. We break down the complex art of video production into simple and easy steps by guiding our clients along in each stage of their video production campaign.

We also specialize in online video marketing – getting your videos on the 1st page of YouTube and Google search results. Videos should ultimately be seen and drive massive amount of visitors to your website and business. We are experts in Video advertising via YouTube Trueview, and focus on video lead generation or social media campaigns to boost the virality of your videos.

Inbound Marketing in combination of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) serves to rank your website #1 in Google for your main keywords. People are searching online for your products and services, and Inbound marketing focuses on creating quality content that is designed to appeal to your dream customers. Inbound Marketing & SEO attracts qualified prospects to your business and keeps them coming back for more, all by utilizing free traffic sources.

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    The Most Common Video Marketing Myths Debunked!

    As of 2017, a whopping 74% of all web traffic is attributed to videos. Impressive, right? Considering its massive clout, you’d assume all businesses are taking advantage of all the benefits video has to offer. Surprisingly, at least 31% of brands and businesses have yet to add videos in their marketing arsenal. Why? Because they believe many of the video myths they come across! Video Marketing: Myths and Facts To ensure you don’t miss out on all the amazing benefits video has to offer, we’ll discuss some of the most common video marketing myths and the truths behind them: Myth #1: Video marketing is too expensive Definitely not true! If anything, video marketing can be quite affordable. After all, corporate and marketing videos don’t necessarily have to be grand projects with special effects and famous celebrities. Most of the time, they are not and they don’t have to [...]
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    How to Optimise Your Videos for Google: Top 5 SEO Tips

    Over the years, videos have become increasingly important for B2B marketing. This development is not exactly surprising as brands with dedicated video marketing strategies earn more revenue, enjoy better brand awareness, and generate more leads compared to other forms of marketing.Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook are great platforms to post your videos on. However, most prospects are not always in the buy-mode when they scroll through those platforms. What is evident however is that a staggering 90% of B2B decision-makers rely on search to help them with their business decisions.This means if you’re using video marketing, you need to follow some best practices for SEO if you want to drive more qualified leads and organic traffic through your video content and become more visible in the video search results. How Google Ranks Videos In its general video and search [...]
  • video production company in Singapore

    Creating Impeccable Video Marketing Campaign for Your Brand: Here’s How

    Regardless of your niche and industry, it’s safe to assume your target audience watches videos. Nowadays, more and more people are watching video content on their smartphones. So whether you are B2C or B2B, adding video in your content marketing strategy can significantly enhance brand visibility and provide a great venue where you can connect and engage with your audience effectively. The Dramatic Rise of Video Marketing Humans are mostly visual. Typically, our attention gravitates toward flashy and colourful images that inspire and entertain. If we take that fact into account, it does not come as a surprise that humans collectively spent a billion hours each day watching videos. And that’s on YouTube alone!Undoubtedly, the visual appeal of videos has a massive and profound influence on the way media is consumed and shared. Each year, more and more space on social [...]
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    Telling Your Story Using Explainer Videos: 5 Awesome Benefits

    A few years ago, a small virtual storage company was having a hard time converting people through their home page. Why? No one really truly understood what they did. Their challenge: market a product to solve a problem many people didn’t realize they had.To solve their dilemma, they released a short, witty, fun, and enjoyable explainer video. The explainer video is less than 3 minutes but it propelled them onto a trajectory that saw them acquire a massive heap of funding, a 4 billion dollar valuation, and 50 million customers!The company is DropBox.Having a great story is one thing. Communicating that vision and story to potential partners, investors, and customers is another. And that’s what DropBox was able to pull off with flying colours.Many people blaze through websites and leave without even understanding what a brand offers or if it’s any value to them. So [...]
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    Video Marketing During COVID-19: Common Trends to Look Out For

    Businesses the world over are now facing new and unprecedented challenges due to COVID-19. Some of the challenges businesses are facing include finding new and effective ways to connect with customers, engaging with diverse audiences, and developing new and innovative video marketing strategies.As COVID-19 continues to spread and cause various disruptions within diverse industries, new video marketing trends are also emerging as a way to adapt to the current reality. Below are some of the most common video marketing trends every business should look out for this 2020: By year 2022, at least 82 percent of all content creation will be video (15 times higher compared to 2017). According to Cisco, videos will continue to dominate the content creation space. Taking into account this upward trend, investing in video marketing will offer massive value for businesses. At least 80 [...]
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    Video Marketing Statistic to Take Note of this 2020

     Over the years, video marketing has grown exponentially. While video content is not new, the internet is constantly finding fresh and creative ways to create and enjoy videos. The massive popularity TikTok is now enjoying is solid proof.Video has proven that videos can be both entertaining and beneficial to users and brands alike. Compared to other types of content, videos generate more engagement and attention from users. Videos also have a higher chance of going viral.Just like SEO, video marketing is also dynamic and constantly evolving. That being said, brands need to be aware of the rising video trends so they can make needed tweaks to their video content and strategy.Top Video Marketing Stats for 2020The following interesting and relevant video marketing can be very useful when brainstorming video strategies for the year. These statistics will [...]

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