In March 2012 YouTube had a major facelift and changed their entire look.

One year later, they decided to change the look and feel of all of the channels and this checklist will allow you to make sure you've taken into account all the important elements in order for you to increase views, subscribers and the number of people who visit your main offer pages!

Some people like the new channel and others are still debating. That said, properly setting-up your channel is extraordinarily important, you also must keep in mind people will spend more time watching individual videos than hanging out on your channel.

You can find more details on the new template here:

Step #1: Add Your Channel Trailer

The Trailer is your opportunity to welcome viewers. Basically, anyone who is not already a subscriber of your channel will actually see a video (from you) that is designed to welcome them and tell them what to do next!

Your first step is to make a simple Channel Trailer where you share what your channel is about and make sure to invite viewers to subscribe.

Here are a few points to keep in mind when recording your Channel Trailer:

  1. Share who you are.
  2. Explain why viewers should tune in.
  3. Explain what your channel is all about.
  4. Ask viewers to subscribe to your channel.
  5. Ask viewers to comment on your videos and to share them.

Alternatively, you can choose to place a popular video as the trailer, but this is your opportunity to welcome new viewers and it's worth you taking the time to record a short welcome message.

Step #2: Upload Your New Channel Trailer Video!

Here are the steps to set your trailer:

  1. Upload your video to YouTube!
  2. Click the Channel Trailer button!
  3. Select your video!
  4. Save!

Step #3: Add Your Channel Art

The new header allows you the possibility of brand your channel.

The dimensions of the banner are HUGE (either 2120 x 1192 or 2120 x 350) and I highly recommend you hire someone on Fiverr to get it done for $5 or $10.

Channel Art Specs

WORTH READING: You'll find further details on how to create the Channel Art on YouTube's support page: hl=en&topic=16630&answer=2972003

What Should Be Included in Your Channel Art

  1. The name of your channel
  2. Your picture or a photo of your product
  3. Your Logo
  4. Your Tagline
  5. Your URL
  6. A Call to Action

Here are a few things to take into consideration in your header design:

  1. YouTube adds a "profile picture" of you in the upper left hand corner of your channel art. Make sure to leave space for this. Most good Fiverr vendors will take that into consideration in their design.
  2. You can add a URL at the bottom right hand corner of your Channel Art banner. Chances are if you had added your URL in the old template it will be automatically transferred to the new template. You might want to add an arrow to bring more attention to the URL!

How to Get Your Channel Art Done!

The best way to work with a vendor is to create a simple mock-up in a word document and paste a few images or even URL of different channels you like so they know what you're looking for.

Go to and type [YouTube Background Design] in the search box and take a look at a few profiles.

If you're working with a Fiverr vendor, make sure to read feedback past clients have left to find our how satisfied they’ve been with that vendor's work. You can also check the number of "thumbs down" this vendor has received.

Step #4: Add Your Links!

There are a few spots on the new template where you can add your own URL. Make sure to leverage that as much as possible. These links were more obvious in the old template, but don't ignore them just because they aren't as prominent.

Follow these simple steps below and add your links to your YouTube Channel!


* You can add a link at the top of the homepage, in the banner design.
* In the description of your video trailer.
* On your About page.

When you click on your About tab, you'll notice that you can add and display up to 4 external links.

Step #5: Add Your Sections!

Creating Playlists will be imperative to leverage the new template!

When creating your "Sections," there are a few other options to choose from (ie. Tags, Recent Posts, Likes, etc).

I do recommend creating playlists to increase your views and organize them at the bottom of your homepage.

I've decided to drag my "Recent Uploads" at the top, as it will allow my most recent videos to get more views.

Make sure your playlist's name is explicit and invites people to want to know more.

Step #6: Add Your "About Me/Bio" Details

You should have completed your "About Me/Bio" section in the old template, but you've not, this is a good time to make sure it's complete.

About Section

In your bio, make sure to tell people exactly what your channel is about, why and how it will benefit them. If you know your posting schedule (aka how often you publish a new video), you might want to add that as well.

Make sure to include your main keyword phrases at the beginning of your description and throughout.


It's important that you present yourself well to your viewers and you take time to set-up your channel, but do remember that nothing trumps creating high value/high quality content.

With the support of this checklist and the short video tutorial, you should be able to upgrade your template quickly and easily and that will give you the peace of mind to go back to your video creation and optimization!

You'll find more details on the channel change via the link below:

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