YouTube Flow animation video

With today’s technology, animation video have become readily available to many businesses regardless of their budget at hand. The technology’s advancement has allowed business owners to produce quality videos without the need of a huge studio or access to broadcast channels.

If you still need more convincing as to why you need an animation video in your online marketing strategy, here are the top reasons to help you decide:

First – animated video can increase your conversion rate

In a recent study by Unbounce, animated video can increase a business’ conversion rate up to 20%. That’s why a lot of companies prefer this type of online marketing strategy to increase their profit or to attract more potential clients. Moreover, 64%- 85% of the people who visited your website are more likely to avail your product or services after watching a video. Having a video on your website’s landing page will saves the potential clients some time from reading through your website. Statistics show that in an average, consumers will stay for about 2 minutes. This means that in a short amount of time and by using a powerful mix of pictures, text, and motion, you have a chance to grab your audience’s attention.

Second - animated video can improve your SEO

Since Google is the owner of YouTube, embedding a video on your website gives you a 53x higher chances of landing on Google’s front-page search result. Adding keyword tags in your YouTube video can also help improve your SEO.

Third - video sharing helps in click through rates

Did you know that viral video marketing campaigns can increase click through rates by 750%? According to research, 68% of people watching online videos will eventually share the video links onto their friends.

Fourth - animation video saves you time and effort in advertising

Aside from increasing your click through rates, this also means less work for you since other people will do the sharing and advertisement for your business. In addition, you can also use the video offline by adding it in your presentations. During meetings, you can present your videos and it can help you explain and promote your products and services better.

In one of University of Minnesota’s research, they have found that 43% of the audience will be persuaded by the speaker if they see visual representations of what’s being discussed. This is especially if you are discussing figures or topics that tend to be lead into dull discussions. You can make your presentation more engaging by having visuals.

Fifth - animation video decreases bounce rate

Your website will less likely to receive bounce rates with an interesting animation video. Remember that your audience will leave your website in as little as 6 seconds if they find your website dull and boring. Aside from the fun factor that a video can bring, it also presents the professionalism and reliability of the company. This encourages people to entrust their time to do business with you.

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Video Production Director Skill

Nowadays, an increasing number of companies are discovering the conveniences of online marketing through social media and videos. In fact, researchers have found that online video advertisements have increased rapidly by 64%. These companies are moving towards video production to efficiently market their services or products.  Be it for teaming up with a video production company or for producing your own video, you need helpful guidelines on what you need to do before and after filming or animation. This is to help ensure that the outcome of the video properly will support your business’ growth and will appeal to potential customers.  So before you even start the production, read the paragraphs below for some simple tips and guidelines.

The DOs in Video Production

  1. Do Understand the Importance of the Script

It is not a secret that in online marketing videos can do you a lot of advantages rather than just plain text. However, having a dull script can easily lose the attention of your target audience. That’s why if you choose to write a script for a video production, you have to consider your target market’s interest first. Be sure to include the most important details that you want your audience to understand. Details such as your company’s mission, your products or services, or why your audience need your offered solutions.

Most importantly, the script should speak directly to your target audience. Do not make the mistake of making the video all about "me, me, me". Instead, the script should frame the problem, then offer the solution and benefits of your products and services with a clear Call-to-Action for the viewer.

If you don’t know where to start, you can always look at your company website. The text available in the content of your home page or about us page is a good place for you to start looking for the right words to put in the script. Correlate the information in the website to your video script and then ensure that every text helps the script to flow properly. It should flow naturally so your audience can easily grasp your message.

  1. Do Engage the Audience

Be creative in engaging the audience into listening and watching your video. You can use different methods to make sure that you will not lose your audience’s interest until they already know why they need your product or services. The video must reflect the personality and culture of the company and give the audience ideas of what they should expect from your offered solutions. Whether your video has a narrator or a character that will discuss your services, that voice should be enthusiastic about the company. Although you want enthusiasm in the video, you also need to avoid the video to be perceived as overly excited. In short, you have to maintain a good balance between professional and enthusiastic tone all throughout the video. Another way to keep your audience’s attention is by giving them not only something to listen to but something to watch - such as a product review or demonstration, or customer testimonials.

  1. Do Have a Plan on How to Distribute Your Video

Once you have established your target audience, distributing and marketing your video will be more convenient. The video is one of the most important promotional tools for your products or services as long as distribution of it is done properly. Have a clear plan on how you would post your video to different social media sites such as Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo. You can also use your company’s website and other blog sites and then it will result in reaching your target audience.

Another way to disseminate it is through email. In case you want to utilize email distribution, you need to ensure you publicize their availability using the company’s site and social media sites. Current research shows that by including the word "video" in the email’s subject line increases open rates by 19%.

The DON’Ts in Video Production

  1. Don’t Use Too Much Information

Although it is important that you provide your audience with the material that they are looking for, you also have to ensure that the video doesn’t come with too many information. To avoid this scenario, keep in mind that only the most important points should make it into the script. Remember that only a very few audience will be willing to pay attention to a 20-minute long company video. To be successful in not losing your audience, you have to stay within the 2 – 4 minute zone and clearing define your offer and benefits within the first 30 seconds. Therefore, you need to beef up your script with a brief yet concise product and company information.

  1. Don’t Rush the Video Production

The most vital part of the production is the actual shooting or animation itself. This means that in order to execute your plans for your video, you have to take some time to see to it that the end result will not be half baked. Set aside at least 3-4 weeks for the video production once the script has been finalized. Having a video of poor quality will only receive fewer views.

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5 Reasons Why You Need a Corporate Video Production Strategy

If you are planning a business video production strategy, you have to ensure that all of your bases are solid. Remember that writing good content on a blog is not that effective anymore. You have to go above and beyond when it comes to content writing for it to be effective. One good way to effectively deliver your message is via video content production. Here are some important reasons why you need to integrate amazing corporate video production into your online marketing campaign.

1. People like to consume information differently

Nowadays, there are different types of learners that will view your content. Your basic goal is to inform these learners regarding your product or services in the most effective way, such as presenting it through a video. Your video must contain important information, such as why they need your services, when they will need your training, how they can use your products, or where they can best apply your solutions in their problems. No matter what kind of service or product you’re selling, the basic goal boils down to educating a targeted audience.

Information on blogs only caters the read-write learners. By creating corporate video content, you will also reach the visual and auditory learners. If your videos include easy instructions that people can follow, you can even tap into the kinesthetic learners who like a more hands-on approach.

Through incorporating corporate video production into your website’s content, you will eventually attract potential content consumers who will love video. You can even transcribe your video in text beneath the video of the blog post to communicate to a bigger number of potential clients. Read-write learners will also appreciate this as they will have something to use and help with the search engine optimization of the page accompanying the video. Another option is to scrape the audio portion of your video and then turn that into a downloadable podcast for auditory-only learners.

2. Video production is more effective than display advertising

BrightRoll currently surveyed 150 top advertising executives on their opinion about the effectiveness of video production.  And in the result, 91% of them think that online video is equally or even more effective than any display advertising. Moreover, 75% of the advertisers agree using videos is far more effective than TV, and 68% believe it’s much efficient than social media. This means that by just having video advertisement, you can compete with any TV or print advertisements. Moreover, you can be confident that it will be effective if conducted and disseminated properly.

3. Your video will be appreciated by Google

Since Google acquired YouTube in 2006, it only goes to show that Google loves video. Nowadays, Google not only incorporates more than just links into their search results but they incorporate video results as well. Businesses only have to ensure that the link to their website is available on the video itself or beneath the video in the description to increase their ranking.

In a study conducted by Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), video receives more attention than any other listings. It is not a secret that Google places great importance on content that engages and educates users to stay on a website, which only shows that video advertisements can help your webpage to rank higher in search.

4. Video sharing is easy

With the availability of Youtube and Vimeo, video sharing is no longer a problem. These companies make it convenient to share video just by using a link or an embed code. Whether your target is for your video link to reach blog sites, Facebook pages, or other social media sites, you will find it easy to reach your goal. You only need to make a little promotion and wait for others to start promoting the video for you. To make things even more convenient, you can start sharing your video using your personal social media accounts, such as Facebook, Google+, or your own blog.

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