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Why You Should Have A Whiteboard Video 

Sure, there is no arguing with the truth that whiteboard animations look excellent and are a delight to watch. But, this unusual medium has so much more to give than strict performance value. In fact, there are plenty of situations in which the application of whiteboard animation style videos gives increased business advantages to organizations of every size.

Why Do You Need a Whiteboard Video Animation on Your Page?

When different guests visit on your page, what do they notice first? Do they find an intimidating-looking chunk of lines defining your company's service and product offerings, or do they see an engaging, welcoming, whiteboard animation worth sharing in a fun way?

If you are concerned that your text-intensive web page may be resulting in on-site visitor frustration or confusion, replacing text blocks with 60-90 second, "you-focused" whiteboard videos showing your company’s products & services, or defining your business philosophy, could provide a visitor experience for your webpage.

Whiteboard Animated Videos Work Great If:

  • Your product/service is very complex.

Whiteboard animated videos are deemed one of the best types of marketing videos to carry complex concepts or ideas: just like in school, when we are in front of the whiteboard, we know that it must be something important and we demand to pay attention to what is being told/shown.

  • When you need to educate the viewers

Animated videos with a powerful combination of visual details, animated characters, and a compelling voice-over help in training and educating the viewers on a topic.

  • When you desire to add a dash of humor

Whiteboard videos also work terrific if you prefer to add a little bit of humor or fun, in order to make your video more interesting and amusing. Adding in sound effects, caricatures & music also add to the mood of the video.

  • You want to give your videos a personal touch

Whiteboard explainer videos are proving to be more engaging than most video formats, and provides your video with a more human and "informal" approach. By including custom animated characters, you can generate a strong connection with your audience; and the outcomes can be even more stunning.

Benefits of Whiteboard Animation Videos

Whiteboard animation has developed as a clear winner for companies looking forward to creating a niche in their industry while employing fewer resources and preserving their marketing cost.

Frankly put, whiteboard animation is a new-age marketing tool that enables a business to convey its marketing strategy to its customers in the form of a video.

Such videos contain a crisp message detailing the business's products and/or services and compelling the users to buy/invest in its offerings.

In this column, we've detailed a variety of hidden benefits and advantages whiteboard animation provides to give their marketing strategy a boost:

  1. Boost Sales

Even if you are not so conversant in the term 'explainer video,' there's a decent chance you've seen one. These videos use animation to clarify things, like products or services.

There are numerous ways to create an animated explainer video, and whiteboard animation is one of the more popular methods. But irrespective of what technique you decide on, these videos are known to spice up sales.

Their visual appeal and simplicity can capture the eye of your audience, evoke emotion, and encourage people to take action. A survey from Wyzowl found that 81 percent of companies said their explainer video helped them increase sales.

And in step with Business Insider, Dropbox's explainer video increased conversions by 10 percent, which translated to 10 million new clients and $48,000,000 in revenue.  Not bad, considering how basic the animation is.  It proves that you don't need fancy 6-figure budgets with Hollywood special effects for videos to generate revenues for your business.

  1. Help People Understand What You Do

It's no secret that video is more popular than text content. Animoto's survey showed that four times as many people would like to watch a product video as those who would rather hear about it. And right off the bat, people are more likely to watch an overview video than reading an instruction manual, for example.

But these kinds of videos could also help people understand better what your company has to offer.

The Wyzowl survey referred to above also found that 91% of customers watched an explanation video when they heard about goods or services, and 97% of companies said that their explanation video enabled people to understand their product or service much better.

Coca-Cola published the video below to clarify its current content marketing plan, and it's probably easier to follow than to listen to some talking head about the complexities of Coke's marketing.

  1. Make Your Brand Easy to Remember

It sticks in your customer's head.  Making your customer know your brand, product or service is a vital marketing objective. People seldom buy when they are first introduced to an offer. And the more they remember your brand from the first contact, the more likely they are to get more details.

And no other medium is more unforgettable than that of video. Think about yourself, how many times do you remember your favourite scene from a movie or tv show? Video outperforms text, graphics, or any other media by a long shot. According to the Online Publishers Association, 80% of viewers have been able to remember a video ad they have seen over the last 30 days.

If you want to make the most unforgettable piece of content you can, whiteboard and cartoon animation video is a perfect choice. By incorporating easy-to-understand graphics, compelling storylines, and (sometimes) catchy songs, your customers are more interested than standard videos.

  1. Get More Engagement

There's a little something about whiteboard videos that is just captivating. When you watch the hand moving on the screen with these drawings, you're not quite sure what's going to come next.

Anticipation helps keep audiences interested, as they seek to predict what the hand is going to draw. That anticipation can be enticing enough to keep the clients watching your videos right to the end, instead of getting bored and clicking on something else.

Besides just keeping people interested, the amount of social media interaction that you are going to get with videos is substantially higher than other forms of content.

As per the Content Marketing Institute research, people are ten times more likely to connect, share, or comment on video content than blogs and other social media.

The UK Parliament used the video below to explain how general elections work, and there’s no doubt that it’s way more engaging than listening to someone babble on and lecture you about elections.

  1. Mobile-friendly

It helps you entice mobile users (especially on iPad). We bet you did not expect that, did you? That generation of iPhone, always busy and glued to their screens, never paying attention to anything ... except for video, it turns out!

According to research by Measurable Metrics, smartphone users have consistently surpassed desktop users when it comes to video interaction. Users on laptop and desktop computers could barely make it through 1 minute of video without baiting and going surfing the web.

But iPhone users watch an average of 2.4 minutes of content. Android users are even more active, dedicating 3 minutes of their time to watch a video. And iPad users come to the top with an outstanding 5 minutes – remarkable for a noisy digital age, that's right!

  1. It Appeals to Busy People

There is quite a debate going on about what's best for busy people: text, or video. And while text has been around for centuries, and has undeniably many benefits, do you know why video is more capable of winning?

Based on research conducted with busy executives, the majority said they'd rather watch than reading! Forbes' "Videos in the C-Suite" study shows that 80% of executives watch weekly business-related animated videos, and 59% prefer video to text.

If you're selling to busy executives, but you cannot use a lot of video content, there is a simple way to begin. Get your best-performing piece of text-based content and re-purpose it in a video that you can use in front of your target audience.

In doing so, you can not only draw more interest from the busy executives you're trying to sell to, but also significantly reduce the time it takes to introduce them to your bid. What used to be a 30-minute sales discussion or a 10-page marketing white paper might become a 2-or 3-minute whiteboard and cartoon animation video ... and become much more efficient.

A great trade-off, don't you think?

  1. They are Fun

Animations are just fun to watch, no matter how old you are (I'm in my 30s, and I still love watching The Simpsons) and that entertainment value can be extended to almost any idea, no matter how dull it is.

In any event, investing in whiteboard video development is a perfect way to showcase a service or product to potential clients.

Strategies like explainer videos and whiteboard videos help you present complicated details in ways that people can understand while keeping them informed and promoting the company at the same time.

  1. It Gives You Access to Foreign Clients

Sooner or later, if you run a major, profitable company, you'll be considering international expansion. For digital marketing using videos, it's easier than ever to hit a global audience. Obviously much easier than text-based or audio content!

For instance, on YouTube alone – the world's second-largest search engine – as many as 80% of video views come from outside of the USA and 70% of searches are in non-English language!

If you really want to break out of your national market, you want to keep this in mind for the future. Add in foreign language sub-titles or captions, or even foreign language voice overs in your animated video and you’ve just expanded your marketing reach.

For the same reasons that make it more unforgettable, whiteboard and cartoon animation video is naturally better suitable for global viewing. Thanks to the combination of narration and visuals, it is quite clear to audiences who are not native English speakers.

Using Whiteboard Animation Videos to Send a Message

The creative, fascinating style of whiteboard animation videos can be used for more than just business sales and messaging. In addition, whiteboarding can be a very powerful method for fostering creativity and advocacy.

If you want to educate audiences on a matter that is close and dear to your heart or to empower and encourage users to improve their environments, whiteboard writing can be especially useful when it comes to illustrating knowledge that exists only in your imagination.

Can’t wait to reap the benefits of an animated explainer video or whiteboard video? Contact us at Reelmedia and check out our animation and whiteboard video production services to learn more.

seo_goal_target_2016 growth

When search engine optimization or SEO was introduced, many said that this marketing discipline was just a fad, and will eventually be irrelevant. However, with the recent development in this discipline, it seems that SEO is and will be playing a great role in improving companies and businesses for years and years to come.

In fact, according to data analysis of Borrell Associates, different agencies and brands will be spending $65.26 billion for SEO. In 2018, the budget for it will skyrocket to $72.02 billion, and then $79.27 billion come 2020.

According to a recently conducted survey where 357 marketers participated, they have found that over 90% of the marketers plan to either increase their SEO budgets or maintain them over the upcoming year. Online marketers are willing to invest in SEO as they are optimistic about its great impact on their business.

The survey has also shown the following results:

  • 75% of the marketers are planning to increase their budget on on-site SEO
  • 74% want to dedicate more funds on link building
  • 71% aim to fund their local SEO projects
  • 82% are planning to improve their social media presence

These budget estimates will also be used to develop SEO-dedicated teams and site visitor analysis. Although this data could change, this suggests that SEO has improved even more as compared to what experts previously expected.

Having SEO-dedicated internal staffs are important investments as they will be responsible in interacting with different social media, web development and website CMS platforms,  marketing tools and analytics. Moreover, having internal staff gives you better knowledge of what kind of SEO techniques are being used to promote your brand or service.

As for the site visitor analysis, it is vital for companies as it will give them leads as well as opt-in list members. By the year 2020, spending for site visitor analysis will triple up to $4.66 billion.

With these investments, what could be the reasons for SEO’s constant growth? And are these reasons enough for business to invest in building an SEO team? Below are some of the reasons why SEO could continue to grow in the years to come:

Increasing number of user searches – Researchers seem to think that the number of searches per user will likely grow well in the future. This is especially since Google has recently made it official that there are more searches now on mobile than on desktop. Mobile phones have made it easier for different demographics to do an online research about everything that they are curious about. The older generations, who are not really fans of the technology, will make way for the younger ones as they mostly rely on technology for almost everything. With the recent development, users will have easy access to technologies, and it will become faster. This will enable a bigger number of search traffic for every user in circulation.

Bigger number of users – Today, almost 40% of the world’s population has access to the Internet. Compared to the number of users in 1995, which was less than 1 percent, the number of Internet users has increased massively. Since the Internet is becoming more affordable and easier to access to different demographics, the sheer number of search users will possibly increase. It will also affect the per-user search growth. With the fast-paced and innovative technology, it would not be a surprise if soon we wake up enjoying universal availability of the Internet. The convenience of self-driving cars may also be easily available, giving users more time to do online research.

Decreasing need for traditional ads – we will be seeing less and less of traditional advertising methods on billboards and radios. According to marketers, traditional ads have been dying for years.  And with the continued rise of modern ad methods, the old ways of promoting brands and services will continue to dwindle in power until they fade away. When this happens, a bigger number of businesses that depend on traditional ads to promote their products will move to modern advertising. They have no option but to try the inbound marketing campaigns in the online world in order to supplement their achievement strategies. The reason behind its death is that traditional ads only talk to the consumers, and the consumers cannot immediately communicate back. On the other hand, online advertising allows consumers and advertisers can to effortlessly engage and have an interactive conversation. Brands can even depend on their loyal clients to promote their products, making it a cheaper and more efficient way to advertise.

Better SEO sophistication – SEO specialists are becoming better at managing and creating more effective SEO campaigns, and they are becoming even more competitive in understating SEO methods.  Take keyword research or link building for example – with the improvement in SEO ranking algorithms, these processes became intricate strategies for content development as well as publication.

Despite these great potentials, there are also possibilities of SEO having limited or little growth. For example, since more businesses are getting involved and are investing in SEO, this could mean that there will be more competition to deal with. But with lots of potential technological developments happening in the recent years to come, it’s more likely that SEO will continue to grow in popularity rather than dying outright. This is good news for those who are planning to shift from traditional to modern advertising methods as this could mean better job security. Just be open to possibilities and learn to adapt to changes.

Storytelling: The only skill your business needs to last a lifetime

Storytelling: The only skill your business needs to last a lifetime

Listen up y’all: nobody cares about your business. But everybody wants to hear your story. If you got one to tell, tell them now. Or else.

A little over a decade ago, Lady Gaga was just another college kid who dreamed of becoming famous. She can play the piano and sing some tunes, but that’s all there was to her-at least in the eyes of record producers. She had no spark or glitter in her aura, not even a single hint that spells S-T-A-R.

Nothing is actually interesting about her. She was born relatively rich, graduated from a Catholic school, went to college and pursued music. It’s a pretty common path taken by most American kids, and mind you, only a few of them make it to Tinsel Town.

But how did Lady Gaga find the path to stardom? She told a story. No. She wrote her own story and sold it to the people who mattered. To record producers. To fellow musicians. To newfound friends in the industry. She wrote her story in her songs, in her personal profile, and into her image. She spread rumours about herself-some of them true, some of them need to be verified. But all of them she brought to life.

And the rest is history. Lady Gaga is now THE Lady Gaga we know. A multi-awarded musician, a top-grossing artist, a drag queen, a fashion icon, a stripper, a wig collector, a woman who wears raw meat to the red carpet, an occasional actress, and many other things you can think of.

Fans love her. Others hate her. Dreamers want to be like her. And yes, everyone can relate to her in one way or another.

But it’s not because of her musical prowess that skyrocketed her to the fame she’s enjoying today.

It’s all because she gave the world a story. The story of becoming-and being “Lady Gaga.”

The story behind the brand

If you’re going to use Lady Gaga as a case study of successful brand marketing, one key result surfaces and that’s about building a story behind the name. Without a story, your business, no matter how lucrative and promising it is for your target market, will not turn out as successful as you have envisioned. This is mainly because it doesn’t have a sentimental taste to it.

One open secret in the world of marketing is that consumers are always attracted to intrigue. Intriguing bits of information get them all excited, as they want to know more about the issue and find out what’s going to happen next. However, intrigues last for only so long, and if you are not able to keep the weave going, then the interest to the rumour and gossip that you have started will fizzle out within a matter of time.

But where does storytelling come in? Well, how else do you ignite the intrigue if you’re not going to tell it to your audience, right? It is through storytelling that you weave your pieces of intrigues together for your audience to follow.

A new buzzword is born every minute

Who says storytelling stops once you have reaped the profits of your investment? Whether you like it or not, once you have started telling your story, there will be no real “end” to it; you’ll be brewing a new arc and chapter each day. This is because a new buzzword is born in the industry you’re in as each minute passes by-and this directly affects the way you manage your business. In order to stay afloat, you will have to relate to these buzzwords and own a piece of them when marketing your brand.

Unlike the rest of the 20th century when the only means of spreading the word about your brand and business is via print, TV, radio, and hearsay, these days you have social media to do the task of broadcasting your story to the world. And the storytelling is made even meatier by your audience, since they will be spreading your story in their own networks, albeit with their own versions. This only makes your name and business more popular, not to mention get more recall from your targeted and related audience base.

Good stories vs. Bad stories?

If you’re going to look at it from a PR perspective, there’s no such thing as good or bad storytelling. But if you are after brand sustainability, the good stories always win at the end of the day. This is mainly because of two things: (1) audience recall, and (2) audience inspiration.

When promoting your business, telling a good story ignites a lot of positive emotions, and these make your brand worth remembering. Lady Gaga is often remembered for her enthusiasm for creativity and design, things she kept as the core values of her story. At the same time, these positive emotions lead to that feeling of being inspired and motivated. Audiences become attached to your brand because it makes them feel happy and alive.

Bad stories meanwhile are likewise useful, but do not last long. They can be used to spark intrigue, but have to be sustained by plot twists that lead back to the good stories otherwise they die out and leave nothing behind.

Storytelling is slow burn

Lady Gaga is no overnight sensation, contrary to the image she has created. She spent years writing her story, and even more years to spread the word to her targeted fans and networks. Nowadays she’s reaping the fruits of her labour, for despite experiencing career highs and lows, her name stays afloat in the business, standing strong. Honestly, she had contemporaries who were way ahead of her in terms of star quality, but their stories ended after achieving their 15 minutes of fame.

But Lady Gaga told her story differently.

And so should you.


An Introduction to SEO Keyword Research 

Many of my clients and incoming SEO prospects ask me to conduct the SEO keyword research for them, so that we can identify the target keywords before embarking on the SEO campaign.

There is alot of misconceptions when it comes to keyword research and identifying the relevant keywords for your website and SEO campaign.

This post is meant to be an "introduction to keyword research" written for the beginner and layman. It is by no means a full, in-depth keyword research which requires more analytical tools that dig out SEO competition on the 1st page of Google, diving deep into Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools etc..

Not all keywords with high search volume are relevant to your website

We need to consider user intent (are they looking for a specific service & will contact you - or just browsing for info ?) and the relevancy of the keyword to your actual services offered (keyword must match the copywriting on your webpage)

Below is a good example of choosing the right keyword which hits the magic spot and abides by the SEO rules of:

  • relevancy
  • high search volume
  • lower SEO competition
  • lower Adwords cost per click (CPC)
SEO keyword research

Most people might choose the generic keyword "business advisory" but the more specific keyword "business advisory services" has almost 3x the search volume

  • "business advisory services" has more user intent when it comes to conversions - people are NOT researching for generic info, but are looking for a company to provide the service for them, and they are willing to pay for that service.
  • "business advisory services" has higher Adwords competition (0.29 vs 0.71) but the advantage is that the Adwords cost per click (CPC) is much lower.
    Only $4.07 per click compared to $8.39 per click for "business advisory"
  • the more specific your keyword is to the service you are offering, the better - in terms of conversions, lower SEO competition (often) and  lower Adwords advertising costs (sometimes)
  • keywords which have 3-4 words phrases have the best conversions (high user intent to purchase or contact you for an enquiry)
  • accounting  (too broad, low conversion & high SEO competition)
  • accounting service
  • accounting service Shanghai   (specific, high conversion & lower SEO competition)
keyword conversions-halo effect

(image credit: SEOMoz)

The aim is to find the sweet spot for the keywords, so that you can rank fast in Google (cos that's where the main bulk of your organic traffic to your website will come from), and get enquiries and sales from high converting keywords.

To get your free SEO audit and analysis of your website, plus identify which keywords are the best fit for your website and target market,  please contact Reelmedia today 

If you want to gain a fundamental understanding of how search engines work and an overview of how SEO is done, it would be beneficial to sign up for an SEO course first.

YouTube Flow animation video

With today’s technology, animation video have become readily available to many businesses regardless of their budget at hand. The technology’s advancement has allowed business owners to produce quality videos without the need of a huge studio or access to broadcast channels.

If you still need more convincing as to why you need an animation video in your online marketing strategy, here are the top reasons to help you decide:

First – animated video can increase your conversion rate

In a recent study by Unbounce, animated video can increase a business’ conversion rate up to 20%. That’s why a lot of companies prefer this type of online marketing strategy to increase their profit or to attract more potential clients. Moreover, 64%- 85% of the people who visited your website are more likely to avail your product or services after watching a video. Having a video on your website’s landing page will saves the potential clients some time from reading through your website. Statistics show that in an average, consumers will stay for about 2 minutes. This means that in a short amount of time and by using a powerful mix of pictures, text, and motion, you have a chance to grab your audience’s attention.

Second - animated video can improve your SEO

Since Google is the owner of YouTube, embedding a video on your website gives you a 53x higher chances of landing on Google’s front-page search result. Adding keyword tags in your YouTube video can also help improve your SEO.

Third - video sharing helps in click through rates

Did you know that viral video marketing campaigns can increase click through rates by 750%? According to research, 68% of people watching online videos will eventually share the video links onto their friends.

Fourth - animation video saves you time and effort in advertising

Aside from increasing your click through rates, this also means less work for you since other people will do the sharing and advertisement for your business. In addition, you can also use the video offline by adding it in your presentations. During meetings, you can present your videos and it can help you explain and promote your products and services better.

In one of University of Minnesota’s research, they have found that 43% of the audience will be persuaded by the speaker if they see visual representations of what’s being discussed. This is especially if you are discussing figures or topics that tend to be lead into dull discussions. You can make your presentation more engaging by having visuals.

Fifth - animation video decreases bounce rate

Your website will less likely to receive bounce rates with an interesting animation video. Remember that your audience will leave your website in as little as 6 seconds if they find your website dull and boring. Aside from the fun factor that a video can bring, it also presents the professionalism and reliability of the company. This encourages people to entrust their time to do business with you.

If you need help on how you should plan your next animation video, waste no time and contact Reelmedia.

Video Production Director Skill

Nowadays, an increasing number of companies are discovering the conveniences of online marketing through social media and videos. In fact, researchers have found that online video advertisements have increased rapidly by 64%. These companies are moving towards video production to efficiently market their services or products.  Be it for teaming up with a video production company or for producing your own video, you need helpful guidelines on what you need to do before and after filming or animation. This is to help ensure that the outcome of the video properly will support your business’ growth and will appeal to potential customers.  So before you even start the production, read the paragraphs below for some simple tips and guidelines.

The DOs in Video Production

  1. Do Understand the Importance of the Script

It is not a secret that in online marketing videos can do you a lot of advantages rather than just plain text. However, having a dull script can easily lose the attention of your target audience. That’s why if you choose to write a script for a video production, you have to consider your target market’s interest first. Be sure to include the most important details that you want your audience to understand. Details such as your company’s mission, your products or services, or why your audience need your offered solutions.

Most importantly, the script should speak directly to your target audience. Do not make the mistake of making the video all about "me, me, me". Instead, the script should frame the problem, then offer the solution and benefits of your products and services with a clear Call-to-Action for the viewer.

If you don’t know where to start, you can always look at your company website. The text available in the content of your home page or about us page is a good place for you to start looking for the right words to put in the script. Correlate the information in the website to your video script and then ensure that every text helps the script to flow properly. It should flow naturally so your audience can easily grasp your message.

  1. Do Engage the Audience

Be creative in engaging the audience into listening and watching your video. You can use different methods to make sure that you will not lose your audience’s interest until they already know why they need your product or services. The video must reflect the personality and culture of the company and give the audience ideas of what they should expect from your offered solutions. Whether your video has a narrator or a character that will discuss your services, that voice should be enthusiastic about the company. Although you want enthusiasm in the video, you also need to avoid the video to be perceived as overly excited. In short, you have to maintain a good balance between professional and enthusiastic tone all throughout the video. Another way to keep your audience’s attention is by giving them not only something to listen to but something to watch - such as a product review or demonstration, or customer testimonials.

  1. Do Have a Plan on How to Distribute Your Video

Once you have established your target audience, distributing and marketing your video will be more convenient. The video is one of the most important promotional tools for your products or services as long as distribution of it is done properly. Have a clear plan on how you would post your video to different social media sites such as Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo. You can also use your company’s website and other blog sites and then it will result in reaching your target audience.

Another way to disseminate it is through email. In case you want to utilize email distribution, you need to ensure you publicize their availability using the company’s site and social media sites. Current research shows that by including the word "video" in the email’s subject line increases open rates by 19%.

The DON’Ts in Video Production

  1. Don’t Use Too Much Information

Although it is important that you provide your audience with the material that they are looking for, you also have to ensure that the video doesn’t come with too many information. To avoid this scenario, keep in mind that only the most important points should make it into the script. Remember that only a very few audience will be willing to pay attention to a 20-minute long company video. To be successful in not losing your audience, you have to stay within the 2 – 4 minute zone and clearing define your offer and benefits within the first 30 seconds. Therefore, you need to beef up your script with a brief yet concise product and company information.

  1. Don’t Rush the Video Production

The most vital part of the production is the actual shooting or animation itself. This means that in order to execute your plans for your video, you have to take some time to see to it that the end result will not be half baked. Set aside at least 3-4 weeks for the video production once the script has been finalized. Having a video of poor quality will only receive fewer views.

In case you need a remarkable company for your video production, don’t hesitate to contact Reelmedia. We employ the best team of professionals who can help you produce the best quality of videos for your company.


5 Reasons Why You Need a Corporate Video Production Strategy

If you are planning a business video production strategy, you have to ensure that all of your bases are solid. Remember that writing good content on a blog is not that effective anymore. You have to go above and beyond when it comes to content writing for it to be effective. One good way to effectively deliver your message is via video content production. Here are some important reasons why you need to integrate amazing corporate video production into your online marketing campaign.

1. People like to consume information differently

Nowadays, there are different types of learners that will view your content. Your basic goal is to inform these learners regarding your product or services in the most effective way, such as presenting it through a video. Your video must contain important information, such as why they need your services, when they will need your training, how they can use your products, or where they can best apply your solutions in their problems. No matter what kind of service or product you’re selling, the basic goal boils down to educating a targeted audience.

Information on blogs only caters the read-write learners. By creating corporate video content, you will also reach the visual and auditory learners. If your videos include easy instructions that people can follow, you can even tap into the kinesthetic learners who like a more hands-on approach.

Through incorporating corporate video production into your website’s content, you will eventually attract potential content consumers who will love video. You can even transcribe your video in text beneath the video of the blog post to communicate to a bigger number of potential clients. Read-write learners will also appreciate this as they will have something to use and help with the search engine optimization of the page accompanying the video. Another option is to scrape the audio portion of your video and then turn that into a downloadable podcast for auditory-only learners.

2. Video production is more effective than display advertising

BrightRoll currently surveyed 150 top advertising executives on their opinion about the effectiveness of video production.  And in the result, 91% of them think that online video is equally or even more effective than any display advertising. Moreover, 75% of the advertisers agree using videos is far more effective than TV, and 68% believe it’s much efficient than social media. This means that by just having video advertisement, you can compete with any TV or print advertisements. Moreover, you can be confident that it will be effective if conducted and disseminated properly.

3. Your video will be appreciated by Google

Since Google acquired YouTube in 2006, it only goes to show that Google loves video. Nowadays, Google not only incorporates more than just links into their search results but they incorporate video results as well. Businesses only have to ensure that the link to their website is available on the video itself or beneath the video in the description to increase their ranking.

In a study conducted by Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), video receives more attention than any other listings. It is not a secret that Google places great importance on content that engages and educates users to stay on a website, which only shows that video advertisements can help your webpage to rank higher in search.

4. Video sharing is easy

With the availability of Youtube and Vimeo, video sharing is no longer a problem. These companies make it convenient to share video just by using a link or an embed code. Whether your target is for your video link to reach blog sites, Facebook pages, or other social media sites, you will find it easy to reach your goal. You only need to make a little promotion and wait for others to start promoting the video for you. To make things even more convenient, you can start sharing your video using your personal social media accounts, such as Facebook, Google+, or your own blog.

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A video blog is a great example of video marketing and can help you improve your websites SEO rankings and at the same time help to personalise your company making a real connection with a prospective client. By regularly updating your video blog you can indicate to Google that your site is worth keeping near the top of it’s rankings; as the search algorithms use the frequency with which a site is updated to help qualify it’s SERPs. Make sure the videos you upload are shot in HD, have a carefully written script and are embedded in your site using Youtube. This allows Google to use the transcript of your video to help move you up to the first page results for your chosen keywords. This then all has to be balanced out so you get the best ROI possible. Strategy is the key here. Your video will have to elicit some emotional response from the viewer and at the same time contain your keywords and a good reason for your viewer to actually click on your video. Video Marketing that is irrelevant to your clients will not provide the ROI you are looking for.


By mapping out a number of videos in advance you can target a list of keywords that suit your SEO needs. Once you have done this you can plan the content of your videos by thinking about the questions your prospective clients might ask. The new Hummingbird update to the Google search algorithms is designed to take into account the greater number of searches being made by voice search. These queries are usually longer than typed search queries and as a result the Hummingbird update looks for context. If you have a well thought out SEO strategy for you video blog you can take advantage of this new type of search by answering the questions your prospects might ask. For example, if you run a hotel in Dublin you might have someone in the States speaking to the their phone and asking for ‘a hotel in Dublin with Irish dancing’. A video script starting along the lines of ‘X hotel in Dublin is one of the best places to see some traditional Irish dancing while you eat’ would allow Google to associate your site, with it’s embedded video, with live Irish dancing. There are hundreds of Google searches for ‘Irish Dancing’ in the States everyday.


It is important to make the most of the benefits available from video SEO on your video blog.

Key concepts/techniques to remember include:

Social sharing: if you video is fun, interesting and worth a watch it will get shared. Mobile video has exploded and people use their commute time to amuse themselves with funny videos. If your corporate video is funny (in the right way) it will get more views and shares on Facebook and other social media sites.

Link building: by using these shares you can get some great organic link building benefits.

Youtube comments: Did you know 90% of all internet traffic is video? People love online video. In preparing to write this article I noticed that a lot of Irish hotels that have videos of their business on Youtube have past guests from all over the world commenting about how great a time they had in the hotel. This is the best sort of endorsement a company could hope for, as it is unsolicited.

Geotagging: Did you know that if your corporate video has a graphic with your companies name and address at the end, and it is uploaded to Youtube, then Google’s search algorithms will read this text and use it to help Geotag your video? If the video is embedded on your homepage this will help Geotag your website. You can further help here by going to the advanced settings of the video manager on your Youtube account and adding in your business address. This will help Google to push people searching for your product, in your catchment area, towards your site.

By using these strategies you can easily ensure that Google and the other search engines give your site the credibility it deserves.


Hopefully this can help you get a better understanding on the benefits of using video marketing to upscale your business.

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Technology starts to play a bigger and bigger role in all aspects of our lives. It is enough to only look at how the way we communicate have changed in the last years and we will be amazed of the speed with which technology evolves. For example, YouTube was founded in 2005. That’s only 10 years ago, and I am sure many of us can’t remember how we lived without it. It has become almost an instinct to enter YouTube when we want to search for a song, trailer, speech, courses etc.

We are more connected to technology like never before and online marketers are some of the first who know how to use this in their benefit. Let’s be honest – who haven’t checked yet the Superbowl commercials?


Well, if it was made possible for simple tools like videos to reach incredible large audiences, why don’t we apply the same principles to other fields? So, if you are a recruiter, you should start thinking about how your strategy should also focus on using video for recruitment marketing. And because the possibilities about how you can do that are endless, it’s important to make sure you are aware from the beginning of the importance and all the benefits you can get from this kind of strategy.

So, we prepared for you 5 main reasons why you should be using video for recruitment marketing.


  1. Showcasing. First of all, using video will help communicate messages about your company more easily. People will find more credible the things they see and hear than the things they read. And long-term, this will help you build your employer branding which will help attract the right people to you.
  2. Transmitting emotions. We live in a competitive world, so, if today you might think you will attract the best prospects for a job because you are the leader on a market, you really can’t know on what place you will be tomorrow. Because of all these reasons, the way a company transmits feelings and emotions has become more important than promoting the company or the products itself.
  3. Engage communities online. As all social media channels become a more natural way to communicate than traditional methods, video is the perfect method to make sure you are engaging your audiences. All the studies in the field have shown that videos are the type of content that will engage the most (comment, share, embed etc).
  4. SEO. In a world that people use internet for communicating, finding information, comparing, purchasing, you want to be found by them. When a prospect employee searches for your company, you want him to find your website as a first result. Video is a great way to achieve this. By adding optimized videos to your website and all your social media channel you increase considerably your chances of first-page ranking.
  5. Development of video technologies. Because more and more benefits are discovered from using video content, the tech world is starting to focus more on ways of integrating easily videos in all kind of social networks. You can check the latest Facebook addition of auto-play and featured videos and playlist.


Hopefully these reasons gave you a glimpse on all the benefits you can easily get if you start using video for recruitment marketing, Just have in mind the values you want to transmit, the segment of people you want to attract and let flow your imagination and creativity.


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yt and fb The rapid rise of online video over the last decade means that businesses not taking advantage of it for marketing purposes are missing out on a lot of traffic. According to a Cisco Global IP Traffic forecast, “IP video traffic will be 79 percent of all consumer Internet traffic in 2018, up from 66 percent in 2013.”

YouTube is still seen as the main player for online video services although Facebook has quickly established itself as a major player in the brand marketing segment. As of November 2014, after last year’s boom of premium ad options for native videos, Facebook has surged ahead of YouTube video posts. Following the proliferation of social networks sharing has become as prominent as searching. YouTube introduced easy video upload yet a lot of content users do not know about will surface through social networking.

The rise of the ubiquitous viral video, attributed to YouTube, is also the result of sharing via Facebook and Twitter. Marketing strategy for online video content should consider the nature of the video and ultimately its potential lifespan. Video on YouTube is longer staying, with more in-depth content users will actively search for. Facebook’s focus is on short and superficial, relying on exposure through social buzz; once out of the news feed exposure dramatically decreases. Choosing your online video marketing strategy platform should reflect the video content generated by your brand for the right brand focus.

Facebook’s main advantage is in the nature of the platform: extensive and constantly rising social user base. Preferential treatment is given to its native videos when determining what users see in their feed, together with the recently introduced autoplay video content in news feeds within its App Install ads.

YouTube on the other hand is investing into community of creators of staying quality. Something to keep in mind about YouTube is that, unlike Facebook where content is tied to the platform, link sharing is possible wherever your online coverage is supported.

One study examining the inherent differences of Facebook video and YouTube links discovered that although there are 8 times as many YouTube links shared compared to Facebook, engagement rate for Facebook is 40% higher with twice as many comments than YouTube. Deciding which platform fits your needs doesn’t necessarily have to be about exclusivity as both can be used despite their seemingly divergent focus.

Michelle Phan, covered in our recent post, is a user whose content fits the YouTube model. She also advertises new videos on Facebook to direct her audience to YouTube using call to action at the end of a short Facebook video. With this approach she has gained positional advantage of both platforms to promote content and drive YouTube views with different content to fit Facebook posts for more efficiency.

BuzzFeed is an example of another approach with brand content that falls right between both platforms. BuzzFeed’s strategy is to maximize views and exposure by using both platforms to get content up and to as many people as possible. This approach also takes into account that each platform has different ways of content discovery. Also in BuzzFeed’s case preference among its users for one platform is not necessarily constant; a big hit on Facebook can be a flop on YouTube and vice versa.

In the fast changing online marketing environment it is important to implement the right strategy for your needs to get ahead of the competition. If you are interested in collaborating with a professional video marketing company we want to hear from you so that we can assist you in developing the right product for your needs. If you are interested in having a collaboration with a professional video marketing company, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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