For the past year, SEO has been nothing but stable when it comes to several algorithm updates such as the Pigeon, Panda, and Penguin. These updates have raised questions and caused anxiety to different sectors of the industry.

Pigeon was released in 2014 and since then we have not heard of any disruptive updates from Google. They sent out announcements and couple of minor changes but nothing that caused major buzz online. This is likely due to the various updates, rollouts, and certain short-notice changes that hurl many websites. Another factor can be that Google has been more focused on artificial intelligence (AI) in online Search. Just like other big companies, Google is also headed to AI. Aside from the fact that it is directly tied to the Rank Brain update, another hint we have is that Google’s head of AI got promoted to CEO last February 2016.

Besides AI, Google has also been focusing on mobile optimization and its increasing importance. This is due to the fact that more and more people are starting to switch from using a desktop computer to using mobile phones and tablets. With the constant upgrade in the technology, people can now do almost anything on a mobile device that can easily fit in the palm of our hands. We also cannot deny the fact that through these gadgets, it is now easier for us to be a part of online forums, meet up groups, chat groups etc. Therefore, be it for work or pleasure, mobile gadgets make it easier for us to accomplish our day-to-day tasks.

The Search Engine Results Page or SEPR has also changed and now includes more social media related results than before. If you search something on Google or Bing, you will notice that some results are from social media platform posts such as Facebook posts, tweets, video links, and even pinterest posts. It is also noticeable that they have improved the rich snippets and more detailed answers to our searches. There are even times that you no longer have to leave the Google page just to find the answer to your queries. Lastly, the voice search has become more efficient.

The Great and not so Great News from Google for the Past Few Months

High quality sites are getting some serious rewards as Google has been raising the bar when it comes to defining what “quality sites” area. You might have also noticed a dip in volume of low quality sites in search pages since many of them have already been removed from top page positions. That’s why if you are planning to create a new website or improve an old one, better start creating high-quality content if you want Google to send you rewards. It might be time consuming but the results will surely be worth it. For those who have received penalties on their sites, don’t fret! Google’s algorithm switching has also improved, making it easier for you to get your site out of penalties.

On the other hand, the game in the top-fold space is also changing. Due to the fact that pages are being customized for mobile phones and tablets, the searches are becoming smaller. This change results to having to remove paid ads on the right sidebar of many pages, and placing them only at the top or bottom of the page instead

If you are looking for a way to produce a content that not only engages but also entertains an audience, then you need to create a corporate video. A lot of people think that video production is costly and risky, hindering them from discovering the benefits that a well-planned corporate video can bring. Find out how you can produce an awesome video without spending a fortune. Check out the list below for more information:

Choose your corporate video’s purpose:
Every corporate video serves a different purpose. Ideally they should not be the same, and should be customized to your target audience’s specific needs. Depending on your business needs, you may design it to introduce your company or to attract more customers. Before you invest in a corporate video, make sure you know its purpose and focus on it. Whether you are raising brand awareness or promoting a new product, consider what your business is intending to offer in order to properly convey it through your video’s message.
If you are after introducing your company, you can include client testimonials in your videos. For recruitment purposes, your video may have employee testimonials. Explainers and “how to” videos are ideal for showcasing your company’s expertise in a certain field. As for product, you can either have a short documentary regarding client a client that uses your product or product overviews.

Have a concrete plan:
Don’t be intimidated about the required artistry in video production. Keep in mind that your experience in the logistics can be very helpful for you to succeed in making a corporate video. However, if you want to ensure that it is efficient and innovative, a little help from video production companies will be of great help. It will definitely help you and your video production team f you already have a well thought of plan on how you want your video to appeal to your audience. This makes it a lot easier to get the job done for everyone who is involve in the video production. Dedicate time to do research, plan, and organize to make sure that your audience does not get even the tiniest hint that your corporate video was rushed. Consider everything from the video production team, budget, up to timeline for everyone’s convenience. If needed, you can also look for outside resources or volunteers from your company who are interested and willing to offer their creative inputs.

Create a script that will engage and entertain your audience:
While planning your video, think of stories you can share to connect and engage with your audience. Be it an emotional or a funny video, choose a tone that you best think will help you share some of your company’s or client’s strongest stories.
Keep in mind that a corporate video takes a lot of effort and time to create so there is no reason to rush and spend company resources on a bad video. Find a way to connect your company’s message to the day-to-day problems or topics of your audience.

Remember that production value is important:
You do not have to produce a Hollywood-level type of corporate video, but you also have to make sure that it does not look like you finished filming it in just one sitting. Produce a decent corporate video by hiring a professional video production team that’s within your budget. Search online, ask for recommendations, or join forums – anything just to find a company that will work with what you want for your video.

In case you are having a hard time finding one, you may contact Reelmedia Pte. Ltd. Visit their website to know how you can create quality corporate videos that you can be proud to promote to your audience.

With a professional video, you can instantly revitalize your business branding and improve your company profile. Whether you plan to have a 30-second advertisement or an entire hour introducing a corporate project, having a creative video production is always a great way to deliver your story. But how can you transmit your message through videos? Find out the guidelines to creating a video that will win you your target audience by reading the next paragraphs below:

1. Know your audience and what they want
One of the main goals you have in marketing is to communicate to your specific audience. We all know that your ads will not necessarily appeal to all types of audience so you need to know their persona and be as specific as possible. Make sure that your message is clear and tailored to the concerns of your viewers.

2. Tell a great and relatable story
Treat your script as a blueprint of your video production. Keep in mind that all things great start on paper first, whether be it a video, a building, or a movie. The story inside the script should describe every visual as well as audio element, similar to architect’s plans in a building’s blueprint. Spend as much time as you need to produce an efficient script before spending your budget in producing a video. Another factor to consider is the length of your video. Marketing videos are ideally shorter so if possible, try to keep it less than 2 to 3 minutes. Make it clear and concise so you can easily grab the attention of a potential viewer. Consider it as a summary about everything that is great about your company or service. Every second of your video should be worth your audience’s time so save all the lengthy and detailed information on your web page.

3. Make sure it is engaging
Videos are an effective marketing strategy since it can easily inform and persuade as compared to other marketing tactics. It offers visceral experience to the viewers because it is engaging orally and visually. Instead of simply explaining why your services or products are beneficial, you can use the video to show people why they should invest into your services.

4. Focus on your audience not your branding
Viewers are watching your video for no other reason but to solve their personal problems. It is not to learn about your company’s history or how many successful advertisements you have produced but to know how your company can be of service to them. Solve their specific problems by giving them a video they can relate to.

5. Share your beliefs
Your audience has a lot of options trying to woo them daily. So why should they choose you amongst this wide selection of options? Once you catch your audience’s attention, give up a bit more about yourself to engage them.

6. Plan how to distribute the video
Plan how you should distribute the video before producing it. You can upload it to your or your client’s website, YouTube page, Facebook page, Vimeo and other social media accounts. The video can be played at trade shows or used in one-on-one meetings. You may also have a link to the video in press releases, newsletters, and articles. By having a widely distributed video, you can make it easier for you and your client to reach you target audience.

Make sure you keep your videos engaging, easy to watch, and simple. If you need help with creating effective video production, be sure to get in touch with Reelmedia Pte. Ltd.