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    Video Marketing on Social Media: 3 Key Reasons Why it’s Important

    Undoubtedly, conventional marketing concepts are no longer as effective as before and some brands that are using digital marketing may be missing out on strategies that can accelerate growth even further.  Nowadays, people scrolling through Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and other social media platforms are constantly targeted by posts paid for by advertisers. In addition, more and more image ads are being shown daily due to the massive increase of businesses taking their marketing [...]
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    Video Marketing and COVID-19: How to Keep Your Audience Engaged

    The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic has caused governments to curtail business activities while cautioning citizens to stay at home as much as possible. As businesses scramble to adapt to the new normal, they are also forced to adjust their marketing plans to cater to a vastly different customer behaviour. While many people find the current economic climate uncertain, many chose to continue their marketing efforts or they might find themselves struggling a few months later or when [...]
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    Top Secrets to a Successful Video Marketing in Singapore

    Whenever people post videos on Facebook or YouTube, they often ask themselves, “is it viral yet?” Releasing viral videos should not be the primary goal of your video marketing Singapore campaign.  However, it seems that the term has exploded on the Internet. Many marketers have been hearing about viral videos and how a video can have a billion viewers in a span of a few days.  As much as we want to have our next video to become viral, this however is not an easy feat to achieve.  At [...]
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    Hidden Benefits of Marketing with Explainer Videos for Business

    Did you know that animated explainer videos are a great tool to attract visitors to your site and tell them about the great benefits and amazing features of your service or products?  Are you aware that using explainer videos can really push your brand or business up and get you positive results? Let’s find out why explainer videos is a great way to get your message out to your potential clients. A recent research was conducted by the Nielsen Research Training and Consulting Group stating [...]
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    Optimising Your Content Marketing Corporate Video Strategy for Every Buyer’s Journey

    Videos are ruling the digital marketing world today. It is not a surprise to see businesses and even individuals using videos to promote their products and services. According to a study conducted by Cisco in 2016, videos accounted for approximately 70% of the Internet traffic. It is also forecasted to rise up to 82% by 2021. Videos offer a wide variety of content types so marketers need to be very careful with how they identify their audience’s needs. This is important so they’ll be able [...]
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    Corporate Video Production Gives New Strategy to Your Marketing Campaigns

    Any successful corporate video production company would know that coming up with successful marketing plans for their clients is not easy. For starters, they have to get to know your industry and your target market.  Seasoned video production companies like Reelmedia understands how the consumer thinks. In order to have a successful campaign, companies have to think like the consumers. It isn’t enough to have an amazing video, you need to also have an impactful message for the [...]
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    5 Reasons to Use Corporate Videos in Your Marketing Strategy

    If you are a business owner, your goal may be for your brand to stand out from your competitors. Whether you’re new in the industry, selling a product or offering a service,  getting ahead of the pact can be a challenge for you.  So how do you compete with other brands who have the same goals as you? How are you going to convince your audience that your content is more relevant and more worthy of their time? One of best marketing tools you can use that’s available at your disposal [...]
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    Key Reasons Why Businesses Use Videos to Reach their Business Goals

    Business exposure can help your business reach more customers. To achieve said objective, the help of a seasoned corporate video production company can come in handy. When social media platforms were first introduced, many took the opportunity to open accounts since they know that they can use it to broaden their reach significantly. Through the use of social media, videos can now help attract the attention of both existing and potential buyers.  What’s more is social media makes it easy [...]
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    Tips on How to Make Your Video More Appealing to Your Audience

    Fact: there are a lot of videos being uploaded online on a daily basis. In this competitive world, you want your video to stand out. If your video does not stand out to your target audience, they will most likely look for a better alternative. When this happens, your video could get lost in the noise of the internet. If you want to succeed in video marketing, you have to produce a video valuable content. For starters, it should have a helpful and relevant information, quality production, [...]
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    How to Take Advantage of Your Video Marketing Strategy?

    Many brands now rely heavily on video marketing. While using videos to promote a brand is not exactly new, there are key factors to take into account nowadays when creating videos. Case in point: unlike before, there are several social media platforms now available where you can post your videos. So how do you create a video marketing strategy that can help you maximise and enjoy all the benefits this amazing marketing tool has to offer? Start with the following: Use user-generated [...]