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    Video Marketing: Singapore Based Services In Demand

    When it comes to video marketing, Singapore has a high demand for digital output.  It’s an easy, cost effective and assured way to brand your company.  Video marketing in the simplest terms brings together all aspects of new media in to a cohesive visual summary. With the utilization of writers, actors, directors and editors, a company’s product is given new life.  We’re all used to radio ads and late night commercials that continuously hawk items, but with the new age of video marketing, [...]
  • online video marketing

    The Power of Online Video Marketing

    The potential of new media has grown exponentially over the years.  From brochures in the mail, to late night infomercials, commercialization of product has evolved.  The most applicable to date is online video marketing.  This is process which has made the short attention span suffering consumer into viable customer primed for advertising.  Selling product in this day and age has now become streamlined through the magic of digital editing, and smart, irreverent advertising. The New Age Of [...]
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    Get Video Marketing Strategies That Will Work For You

    When it comes to video marketing, you have to understand the overwhelming popularity of online video in order to properly utilize the strategy.  Almost 60% of the Internet (according to ComScore) is made up of traffic from video watching.  That’s over half the market!  So, it’s easy to see why you would benefit from using video marketing as part of an integrated website campaign to reach the highest amount of potential customers possible. But many of the video marketing companies in [...]
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    Get Video Production Services To Bolster Your Sucess

    A big facet of a maintaining a viable web presence is the advent of streaming video.  The range and information of content varies per company, but rest assured the video age is dominating the World Wide Web.  When you browse web pages, the most aggressive campaigns aside from pop up ads are in the medium of streaming video.  This is possible through video production services, an integral form of communicating with the masses. These services can decide how you want your products or wares to [...]