• Article 04

    Key Qualities of Compelling Animated Explainer Videos

    The importance of integrating animated explainer videos in today’s marketing arsenal cannot be overstated. While not everyone may be aware of it, animated explainer videos have proven to be invaluable when it comes to: Clarifying complex ideas / concepts Introducing new services / products to the market Introducing the brand to new site visitors Pitching ideas Done accordingly, animated explainer videos can also be used to effectively demonstrate / showcase the [...]
  • Article 03

    Creating Powerful Corporate Videos for Small Businesses: Top Tips

    If you are a small player in the business world, you’ll need all the help you can get if you want to steer your business in the right direction. The good news is, granting they are used accordingly, corporate videos can become your brand’s most invaluable ally. With today’s modern world becoming increasingly connected, conventional marketing methods have taken a backseat and visual-rich methods like corporate videos have taken over. Fortunately, you don’t have to be Stanley [...]
  • Article 02

    Explainer Videos: Reasons Your Business Needs Them

    Some experts believe that part of Google’s search ranking algorithm takes into account the amount of time a visitor stays on a particular site. For many, this is believed to be one of the primary reasons online videos have earned a massive following. That being said, explainer videos in particular have also seen tremendous growth over the years, thanks to their effectiveness and affordability. Apart from being considered excellent marketing tools, explainer videos have also [...]
  • Article 01

    Video Marketing: Peerless Benefits You Can’t Afford to Miss

    Nowadays, many consider videos to be the future of content marketing—and with good reason. Latest video statistics show that: A whopping 82 percent of Twitter users prefer watching videos YouTube now has more than a billion users (that’s at least one-third of the total number of Internet users) Each day, more than 500 million hours of videos are watched on YouTube A staggering 45 percent of people watch more than an hour of YouTube or Facebook videos weekly At least [...]
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    Producing an Animation Video Can Be Easy. Just Follow These Tips!

    Due to its popularity, everyone seems to want to produce an excellent animation video that will help increase their business’ ROI and conversion rates. Unfortunately, not everyone has a talent to create an effective video. Whether you want an animation video to introduce your branding, sell products, or even hire more employees, you have to make sure that your animation video will stand out among the rest. Remember that social media sites have tons of videos being uploaded daily so you [...]
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    Reasons Why Many Use Explainer Videos

    There are many advantages in creating explainer videos. It is considered as one of the most effective tools that content marketers use in order to engage target audience. In fact, many web users also consider animations as an efficient tool for creating brand awareness. The main reason why many prefer explainer videos is that it allows you to communicate orally and visually with your target audience in an appealing and interactive way. Viewers are also able to easily grasp what is [...]
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    How Animation Video Can Improve Your Online Presence

    Looking to invest in a cost-effective marketing tool that can bring your company a great ROI? Something that can widen your visibility and allow you to save costs on advertising? End your search, as animation video is your best choice. Here are the ways it can improve your online presence: GAIN MORE VISIBILITY Uploading an animation video on YouTube has many advantages. One of them is that it is much cheaper than advertising on Google. But for your video to be noticed it has to be [...]
  • explainer-video

    Top Advantages of Using Explainer Videos

    Due to various changes in Google’s algorithm for search rankings, marketers are looking into different ways to increase amount of time visitors stay on their website. One option they considered to be effective is by having an explainer video on their sites. This type of video has noticeably boomed in the recent years and has shown great improvement in growing businesses. It has also become one of the best tools in marketing. Check out the list below for more of its [...]
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    Guidelines to Producing an Effective Video Production

    With a professional video, a company can instantly revitalize their business branding and improve their company profile. That’s why a lot of businesses are into video marketing in order to boost their rankings or increase their return on investment. Whether the goal is to have a 30-second of promotional advertisement or an entire hour of introducing a corporate project to your team of staff, having a creative video is always a good way to deliver your story. Find out the guidelines [...]
  • vp-set

    How to Make Sure Your Video Production Will Succeed

    Looking for a step-by-step guide to produce a content that will engage and entertain your audience? One of the best ways to do so is to hire a video production company to help you. Many people think that video production is expensive and has lots of risks. These reasons also stop them from discovering the benefits that an explainer or animated video can bring. Find out how you can avoid risks and produce great videos. Check out the list below for more information: Identify what video’s [...]