• Lady-Gaga story and branding

    What You Can Learn from Lady Gaga’s Storytelling – and Apply It To Grow Your Business

    Storytelling: The only skill your business needs to last a lifetime Listen up y’all: nobody cares about your business. But everybody wants to hear your story. If you got one to tell, tell them now. Or else. A little over a decade ago, Lady Gaga was just another college kid who dreamed of becoming famous. She can play the piano and sing some tunes, but that’s all there was to her-at least in the eyes of record producers. She had no spark or glitter in her aura, not even a single hint [...]
  • SEO Keyword Research For Sales & Traffic to Your Website

    An Introduction to SEO Keyword Research  Many of my clients and incoming SEO prospects ask me to conduct the SEO keyword research for them, so that we can identify the target keywords before embarking on the SEO campaign. There is alot of misconceptions when it comes to keyword research and identifying the relevant keywords for your website and SEO campaign. This post is meant to be an "introduction to keyword research" written for the beginner and layman. It is by no means a full, [...]
  • 5 Reasons Why You Need Animation Videos in Your Marketing Strategy

    With today’s technology, animation video have become readily available to many businesses regardless of their budget at hand. The technology’s advancement has allowed business owners to produce quality videos without the need of a huge studio or access to broadcast channels. If you still need more convincing as to why you need an animation video in your online marketing strategy, here are the top reasons to help you decide: First – animated video can increase your conversion [...]
  • What Are the DO’s and DON’Ts of Video Production?

    Nowadays, an increasing number of companies are discovering the conveniences of online marketing through social media and videos. In fact, researchers have found that online video advertisements have increased rapidly by 64%. These companies are moving towards video production to efficiently market their services or products.  Be it for teaming up with a video production company or for producing your own video, you need helpful guidelines on what you need to do before and after filming [...]
  • 5 Reasons Why You Need a Corporate Video Production Strategy

    5 Reasons Why You Need a Corporate Video Production Strategy If you are planning a business video production strategy, you have to ensure that all of your bases are solid. Remember that writing good content on a blog is not that effective anymore. You have to go above and beyond when it comes to content writing for it to be effective. One good way to effectively deliver your message is via video content production. Here are some important reasons why you need to integrate amazing [...]
  • Why Video Marketing Is Essential to Your Business

    1. WHY VIDEO MARKETING – VIDEO BLOGS & SEO? A video blog is a great example of video marketing and can help you improve your websites SEO rankings and at the same time help to personalise your company making a real connection with a prospective client. By regularly updating your video blog you can indicate to Google that your site is worth keeping near the top of it’s rankings; as the search algorithms use the frequency with which a site is updated to help qualify it’s SERPs. Make sure [...]
  • 5 Reasons Why You Should be using Video for Recruitment Marketing

    Technology starts to play a bigger and bigger role in all aspects of our lives. It is enough to only look at how the way we communicate have changed in the last years and we will be amazed of the speed with which technology evolves. For example, YouTube was founded in 2005. That’s only 10 years ago, and I am sure many of us can’t remember how we lived without it. It has become almost an instinct to enter YouTube when we want to search for a song, trailer, speech, courses etc. We are more [...]
  • Facebook and YouTube: Focusing on online video marketing

    The rapid rise of online video over the last decade means that businesses not taking advantage of it for marketing purposes are missing out on a lot of traffic. According to a Cisco Global IP Traffic forecast, “IP video traffic will be 79 percent of all consumer Internet traffic in 2018, up from 66 percent in 2013.” YouTube is still seen as the main player for online video services although Facebook has quickly established itself as a major player in the brand marketing segment. As of [...]

    YouTube’s highest paid star

      The internet truly is the great tool, as it had been proven so many times. As long as one has access, the online world provides an undiscriminating platform for anyone to share their inner most thoughts, political slant or dancing cat videos. Everything is accepted, as an example, it’s how Justin Beiber got famous. In the information age, content is king and sites like YouTube allow people to share everything from the sublime to the mundane, and some surprising creators are turning [...]
  • Facebook

    Embracing Video- The New Strategy of Facebook

    One of the new changes from this year in Facebook is represented by the amount of video present on the news feed, amount that has tripled since last year, to the joy of many users and advertisers who discovered this option. There is only one person who can foresee who big will the video be on the social network, and that is Fidju Simo, the Director of Product in charge of video. Simo and her team are planning to tweak the website’s design in order to facilitate the way marketers can buy [...]