• Article 06

    3 Advantages of Using Animated Videos

    Digital marketing continues to change year after year. And its market also continues to grow as more brands are starting to recognize how important this method is in reaching their goals. No wonder business owners and marketers flock toward different online marketing channels just to create a strong and effective online presence. This year, one of the most popular ways to stand out as your target audience gets bombarded with sponsored content and online ads all day is through videos. [...]
  • Article 16

    Essential Questions to Ask When Choosing a Video Production Company

    After assessing your current marketing efforts, you realize you need a new video for your site. So, what do you do? If you don’t have the knowledge, skills, time, and resources to produce exceptional videos on your own, your best option would be to invest in the services of a seasoned video production company. However, if you want your video to deliver the results you desire, you need to work with the best video production team you can find. How do you pull off this [...]
  • Article 15

    Video Marketing: Common Mistakes to Avoid

    Regardless if you are a huge company making a killing or a startup still trying to find your way around, it would be safe to assume you consider every marketing dollar you set aside to be valuable. In other words, you want to make sure your marketing allocation is spent on something that will yield the most in terms of ROI. Reports and statistics have indicated that in today’s highly connected world, video marketing is one of the best options marketers have at their [...]
  • Article 14

    Effective Video Marketing Strategies You Might Not Be Using Yet

    Are you constantly polishing your video marketing strategies? Are you always in the lookout for new video marketing techniques to try out? You have come to the right place! Below are some clever, creative, and effective video marketing tactics you can add to your video marketing arsenal: Video voicemails If you have tried sending e-mails with a subject line that says “I just left a voicemail for you,” then you might like this idea. Rather than just sending a mere [...]
  • Article 13

    Video Production Made Easy: Key Insider Tips

    Regardless if you are creating your very first or your nth video, working on a video production can be daunting. While you don’t necessarily need to have a huge team composed of many people, the help, expertise, and guidance of a savvy video production company can surely come in handy. However, even if you will be working with a video production team, you still need to be able to identify and effectively communicate the goals you would like to achieve so your video team can [...]
  • Article 12

    Common Things Persuasive and Compelling Corporate Videos Share

    The digital age has no doubt introduced a new age of corporate video production. Gone are the days were cheesy infomercials used to be the thing. Today, customers prefer entertaining, witty, and clever videos that capture their attention and make them want more. While there is no exact template for corporate video success, there are a few things many persuasive, powerful, and exceptional corporate videos share. For instance: They are short and sweet. Easy and quick access [...]
  • Article 11

    Explainer Video: Why Your Startup Business Should Have One

    Without doubt, one of the most crucial elements of any startup’s launch is their marketing effort. A well-thought of marketing plan that’s executed smoothly can lead to almost instantaneous success. On the other hand, a poorly thought out and poorly executed marketing plan can result to small market traction and of course, less sales. Every opportunity a startup has to describe their product or service is also a chance for them to capture a new customer or lead. If you are a [...]
  • Article 10

    How to Use Videos to Delight Your Customers

    Proficient marketers today know that keeping their current customers happy and satisfied is way more cost-effective than chasing new ones. Besides, happy and satisfied customers often willingly become the brand’s spokesperson. While there are numerous ways to keep your current clientele happy, integrating proven concepts in your video marketing is considered one of the most effective. Just how huge is video’s likely impact? The figures are quite impressive. Using the [...]
  • Article 09

    Use These Secret Hacks to Create Compelling Online Videos

    Nowadays, online videos have become one of the most essential components of the digital medium. The most amazing thing about videos is that they are not only multifaceted, they are shareable as well. That being said, it’s no wonder videos are now used for almost everything—from advertisements to product demos to effectively creating a brand image for your business. In addition, videos are now also used to significantly enhance a brand’s relationship with their customers. For [...]
  • Article 08

    How to Write a Powerful and Effective Explainer Video Script: Top Tips

    Ideally, an explainer video will be able to effectively tell a convincing story about your brand in as short as 60 seconds. However, while the cutesy illustration and the entertaining animation are best left in the hands of a seasoned video production company, it would be wise to have an input in the video script. An engaging and well-written script is one of the basic foundations of a successful explainer video. Devoid of a killer script, your explainer video won’t be as [...]