• How Can A Video Marketing Plan Help Your Brand?

    We live in a world where the tablet, the smartphone and the connected TV are trending up among all users in the world. Fewer and fewer people barely watch television for its content, as all the programs that are being displayed on the TV can be watched online and everyone is using their mobile or other devices to do so. Due to this, brands have been forced to shift their video marketing strategies and significant portions of their advertising budgets to reach consumers where data has [...]
  • Video Marketing Can Create Immediate SEO Results

    If we were to trace when video marketing as an SEO tool was introduced, we have to go back to May 2007, when Google introduced Universal Search. Now, we have a combination of search results, such as video, text, pdf, blogs and images, but only a few years back people have become more interested in the video online.  Today, even though videos have increased in as a marketing medium, there are still marketers who haven’t realized yet the importance of video for SEO. So, if we were to think [...]
  • What can brand advertisers do to connect with the the new trends?

    The generations are changing and so do their behaviors. The digital platforms and social networks have managed to change the relationship between the brands and its consumers. If the consumers of today use multi-screen media to make life easier, simpler and more meaningful, what can brand advertisers do to connect with these new trends? We can state that the consumers today are spoiled by the multitude of choices that they have.  With new technologies delivering more media on more [...]
  • Surprise or not? YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn Drive the Most Engaged Social Referrals

    Our live has changed on the social media now as we spend a great amount of time using it to share tweets, to comment on Facebook or to like posts. But do you know what is the post-click behavior, when we actually interact with a link one of our friends shared socially? In order to do so, we can take a look at a 6 months data report that Shareaholics made for September 2013-February 2014, where they have checked 200,000 sites which reached 250 million unique visitors in order to have a [...]
  • Social Media drives Online Video Viewing

    Television has lost its power over the consumers in the last few years and that is of no surprise for any of us. These days, everything that is important, we can find it on the social media pages, either ours or on our friend’s shared videos. And that changes the rules on the game in the media world: one does not need to pay for you video to be seen, as this will happen organically if the consumers will share the video and engage others to comment on it. But how has this become possible? [...]
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    Website Video Production and It’s Power to Help Companies Grow

    Branding can be a hit or miss opportunity; there are many ways that a company can go about it.  The ultimate goal when branding a company name or product is carrying the sense of familiarity, a feeling of comfort that one can instill in customers.  There are many tried and true methods that are achievable with this mode of operation, from radio jingles to television commercials.  From print ads that hide in magazines to massively erected billboards: it is no question that it’s a proven road [...]
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    Video Marketing: Singapore Based Advertising Creates A Buzz

    How often do you listen to a radio ad, or watch the same boring commercials before you begin to dislike a product without even trying it?  This is the problem facing many corporations that incorrectly brand their products in a certain light.  The achievement of a successful brand is not solely for monetary gain, but to create a social friendly projection of a company’s reasoning.  You want to have a massive audience that returns for the next evolutionary step, don’t you?  Well with video [...]
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    Video Marketing: Singapore Based Services In Demand

    When it comes to video marketing, Singapore has a high demand for digital output.  It’s an easy, cost effective and assured way to brand your company.  Video marketing in the simplest terms brings together all aspects of new media in to a cohesive visual summary. With the utilization of writers, actors, directors and editors, a company’s product is given new life.  We’re all used to radio ads and late night commercials that continuously hawk items, but with the new age of video marketing, [...]
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    The Power of Online Video Marketing

    The potential of new media has grown exponentially over the years.  From brochures in the mail, to late night infomercials, commercialization of product has evolved.  The most applicable to date is online video marketing.  This is process which has made the short attention span suffering consumer into viable customer primed for advertising.  Selling product in this day and age has now become streamlined through the magic of digital editing, and smart, irreverent advertising. The New Age Of [...]
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    Get Video Marketing Strategies That Will Work For You

    When it comes to video marketing, you have to understand the overwhelming popularity of online video in order to properly utilize the strategy.  Almost 60% of the Internet (according to ComScore) is made up of traffic from video watching.  That’s over half the market!  So, it’s easy to see why you would benefit from using video marketing as part of an integrated website campaign to reach the highest amount of potential customers possible. But many of the video marketing companies in [...]