Attn: Go-Getters Aiming To Make An Extra 5 Figures/Month Online Within 2 Months

Have Your Very Own E-Commerce Website Producing You Sales Within 2 Days, Using Proven SEO & Facebook Advertising Systems To Reach Your Target Audience!


Fact: Many people want to achieve Financial Freedom Online - Working from Anywhere in the World and Being Their Own Boss. What stops most people in their tracks is the lack of a proper Website With The Correct Products To Sell. 

Dear Friends,

We all know that there's no such thing as job security. Many industries are down-sizing and jobs are being outsourced or automated by technology.  It's vital that you have an additional source of income, that allows you to tap into the Global Market and reach out to Millions of People - all from the comfort of your home with WiFi internet access.

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How Do I Get Started?

Firstly, let's get the main obstacle out of the way!  Why spend thousands of dollars to pay a website designer to build your website when you can have it for FREE!

  • Web Designers charge at least $5,000 and take 1-2 months to create an e-commerce website for you
  • They do not include SEO, or guide you on the correct products to sell - or teach you how to manage the website and grow your online business

Yes, we will give you a FULLY FUNCTIONAL E-COMMMERCE WEBSITE the moment you step into the Workshop.  This website belongs to you, is hosted on your own domain web server.

It's the SAME WEBSITE that we currently use to make 5-figures/month online.

We charge our corporate clients at least $5,000 to build similar sites.

You get it immediately when you step foot in the workshop.  Real world value. Yours to keep, fully branded for you and your products.

How does the website look like?  Here's a Sneak Peek..

But How Do I Manage My Website?

Good Question.  What's the point of giving you a website if you don't know how to edit it, manage it and customize it with your own products and content ?

That's why this is a hands-on workshop.  We will go deep into editing, managing and customizing the website so that you will be proud to call it your own (and show it to all your friends and family).

Bring your laptop, login and get straight to work on your personal E-commerce money-making website! We'll guide you step by step.

Yes, there will be work involved!  But you will come out from it being an expert on managing your new e-commerce website from Start to Finish.

  • If you expect a theory class about Internet Marketing, then maybe this workshop is not meant for you.
  • If you expect to just watch some videos, read some PDF guides and walk out after 2 days and make money online, then this workshop is definitely not for you.


..But I Need Traffic To My Website To Get Sales

Okay, now that you have your website fully customized with your products, content and credit card payment processor, you need traffic to your website.

There are 2 main categories of traffic to your website:

  1. Earned
  2. Paid

Huh ??  What is this ?

Earned traffic is based on the content of your website and Facebook page. It is content that people can relate to, find useful and interesting and thus share it & link back to your website. You have created the content from your own efforts and thus "earned" the traffic that comes when people share your content.

  • Pros:  Evergreen traffic, it will drive visitors to your website for life until the person deletes the link from their website or Facebook post.  It's also free traffic, since you are not paying for the links
  • Cons:  It takes time to earn the traffic, and you need to spend alot of effort creating the content and ensuring that people actually discover / read the content before they share it.

Paid traffic is based on advertising - you have to pay for the ads. The moment you stop paying Facebook for advertising, the moment all your ads & traffic disappears.

  • Pros:  Fast traffic, you can set up your Facebook ads in 5 minutes and start attracting thousands of visitors to your website
  • Cons: The costs ad up and you can easily waste a few thousand dollars if you don't know how to set up the advertising properly.


In This Workshop, We Will Be Teaching You BOTH Earned & Paid Traffic To Get Quick Sales & Also Build Your Brand For Long Term Traffic & Profits


So how do you know if your marketing is done right?

Simple. Only one way. One sure-fire way.

Number Of Red-Hot Sales You Get

If you don’t get sales, you’re doing marketing wrong. You’re throwing your time, effort and money down the drain. Harsh, but true.

Stop letting that happen. Can you afford to keep wasting resources on bad marketing that doesn’t give you any sales or ROI? 


Over The 2 Days, We'll Cover Traffic Generation Systems, Mindsets, Skillsets And Tools That We Have Used Over The Past 6 Years To Generate Over $7 Million Dollars For Our Websites, Agency And Clients.


Here's the outline of the 2 day workshop

Day 1 Morning

  • Introduction to SEO, Content Marketing & E-Commerce systems

  • Setting up Google Analytics & Search Console to track & measure all visitors on your website (hands on exercise)

  • Setting up accounts with E-commerce product suppliers

  • Niche research and keyword research - find the hottest products to sell and what your customers are searching for online (hands on exercise)

  • Finding trending and viral content to build consistent traffic to your website (hands on exercise)

  • Content curation and editing to create unique content for your website & Facebook page

Day 1 Afternoon

  • Managing your WordPress e-commerce site and customizing it from start to finish (hands on exercise)

  • Implementing SEO to all your website pages so you rank on the 1st page of Google (hands on exercise)

Day 2 Morning

  • SEO link building – content syndication to reach influencers to build your brand - Get more traffic & sales to your website

  • Precautions to take note so you are not penalized by Google

  • Spying on the top ads & posts of your competitors in Facebook (hands on exercise)

  • Facebook audience insights and research of Facebook pages (hands on exercise)

Day 2 Afternoon

  • Setting up your Business Manager account on Facebook (hands on exercise)

  • Facebook advertising copywriting & setting up your FB ads properly so you don't waste money (hands on exercise)

  • Precautions to take note so you are not penalized by Facebook

Day 2 Afternoon Bonus (valued at $3,000)
E-commerce is great - but I'm sure you don't want to do all the work yourself, do you?  Then you are simply buying yourself a job rather than running a business and having the financial freedom to do what you want.

We have all heard of the "4-Hour workweek" ...

In this bonus section, we will teach you how to hire staff, outsource your work, manage a team and use tools & software to automate your business.  Also, contract templates will be given to you so you can properly & legally protect yourself when you hire employees or work with business partners & clients.

  • Software and tools to manage your business, clients & outsource team

  • Hiring your team of virtual workers online

  • Tracking the productivity and tasks of your team

  • Templates for quotations and invoices if you want to take on clients (I paid a lawyer $2000 for these)

Seats are limited to 8 per masterclass. This is to ensure a conducive learning environment, where everyone will get personalized attention from us.

Right now, 3 seats have been snapped up. 5 remain. Obviously, this means that you need to…

Better Take Action And Book A Slot Fast!

Otherwise, not only will you be missing out, but you may be allowing your competitors to create an e-commerce website in your niche, selling the products that you are passionate about… and get the profits you should be getting.

Don’t let that happen. I’m sure you don’t want that. Who does? Especially since you have ambitions to earn a high 6-figure annual income.

Let this be your first step towards that goal. We’ll help make that dream a reality. 

First things first though. You need to fill in the form as I will be carefully reviewing each applicant to ensure they are ready. 

  • Total value of this workshop is $10,000. However, you will not be paying this price due to the special launch offer.* Risk-free. Full 100% refund will be given if you are not satisfied after the 1st day of the workshop.

Each student will become our brand ambassador, so I want to ensure each student is fully qualified and ready to take massive action to achieve success!

Thanks for sticking around. We’ll see you real soon!

To Your Success,

Edmund Ng

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I've got some initial feedback from students that 2 days is simply not enough to learn and master everything.  I hear you and agree.

Don't worry, there will be ongoing support - that's why this is called a Masterclass.

There will be a private Facebook Group for all students, where you can post your questions, share your challenges and success stories. You will have private access to me and I will be there to guide and support you. We will also have monthly meet ups and I will also continue to provide more cool tools,  productivity hacks and case studies to ensure you achieve success.

I know it sounds cheesy, but making 6-figures/year is not cool.  You know what's cool?  Helping more people make 6-figures/year online and achieve financial freedom.  Now, that's cool !