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Businesses the world over are now facing new and unprecedented challenges due to COVID-19. Some of the challenges businesses are facing include finding new and effective ways to connect with customers, engaging with diverse audiences, and developing new and innovative video marketing strategies.

As COVID-19 continues to spread and cause various disruptions within diverse industries, new video marketing trends are also emerging as a way to adapt to the current reality. Below are some of the most common video marketing trends every business should look out for this 2020:

By year 2022, at least 82 percent of all content creation will be video (15 times higher compared to 2017).

According to Cisco, videos will continue to dominate the content creation space. Taking into account this upward trend, investing in video marketing will offer massive value for businesses.

At least 80 percent of people are now engaging more with digital content since the COVID-19 outbreak

Regardless if people are looking for video content for information, entertainment, or both, overall consumption of videos is expected to rise. COVID-19 has in a way forced people to significantly reduce face-to-face activities and spend more time consuming content online.

Video search results have now experienced a 41 percent higher click rate.

Compared to articles or blogs, videos now have a higher chance of landing on the first page of the Google results. In other words, incorporating video marketing in your current strategy can put you a step ahead in the overcrowded media landscape.

At least 6 out of 10 consumers will watch more videos on YouTube.

Marketers know that YouTube is an incredible platform for businesses looking to increase their video engagement. Regardless if the aim is to inform, distract, or entertain, videos have become more popular during COVID-19.

At least 31 percent of businesses are increasing their investment in online video software (with at least 31 percent stating they will keep their existing budget).

Majority of businesses are now investing in video technology and software designed to help them reach their audience successfully. The impact of video marketing on sales and advertising is evident as businesses across the world are creating more videos to reach out to their target audience.

Videos generate at least 12 times more shares compared to images and text combined.

Videos elicit memorable and deep emotions from viewers. The ability to comment, like, and share videos across diverse platforms can go a long way towards increasing engagement, connection, and brand reach.

A whopping 80 percent of consumers are more likely to watch a video in its entirety when captions are available.

Studies have shown that if closed captions are not available, viewers would rather choose a different video than turn on their sound. Since 85% of videos are viewed without sound, the need for captions is undeniably crucial. It can also be massively transformative for your video reach.

At least 66 percent of businesses have used videos to communicate with their key stakeholders during COVID-19.

Stakeholders include investors, partners, employees, and customers. At least 67 percent of businesses now use web meetings software and video conferencing to effectively communicate externally and internally. At least 33 percent of businesses also reported they have developed content especially made for COVID-19.

At least 75 percent of people want ads that can inform them about a brand’s effort to adapt to the current pandemic (however, they don’t want brands to exploit the current situation to promote their products or services).

While promoting your ideas, brands, and products is vital for business success, the current climate is no longer centered around consumerism. Instead, most platforms are now used either to distract, inspire, or educate consumers. This creates a positive brand image in the eyes of the consumers despite the current challenges.

Product videos have increased purchases by as much as 144 percent.

Video content can help keep visitors on your site longer. In fact, your site visitors who watch videos stay on the site twice as long. They are also observed to visit twice as many pages compared to those who don’t watch videos at all. Whether it’s product reviews or how-to videos, video content has been proven to dramatically increase both sales and traffic.

At least 43 percent of consumers believe the COVID-19 messages they are receiving have become almost identical.

While consumers are reassured when they hear from brands they know and trust, it is important to diversify your messaging using interactive media and video content if you want to keep your audience engaged and interested.

Video content on fitness, cooking, studying, stress reduction, and working from home has increased significantly.

Creating content around the topics mentioned has helped many brands engage more customers and increase their reach. Videos in the COVID-19 era should be created with the needs of the customers in mind.


There is no denying new video marketing trends have emerged as a result of the current pandemic. To help businesses stay on top and in front of their audiences, it is important that they design their video marketing to fit the current trends. If you need help with your video marketing efforts, get in touch with us. We would be more than happy to help you create powerful videos that truly convert!


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