Online video is a powerful & effective marketing tool for your business.

It is one of the best methods to help people get a real feel for you, and what your company's products & services can offer.

Video marketing allows you to instantly brand yourself as an expert and thought-leader of whatever niche(s) you may be in

From Forrester Research..

  • 60% of all web traffic comes from online videos
  • 68% of the Top 50 Internet Retailers display videos on their websites
  • 100% of studies conducted proved that video marketing increase sales and user engagement, allowing you to drive more traffic and therefore more sales
  • Videos get 267% more backlinks than normal posts - and 20% of people will read text while 80% will watch a video with the same exact content

..and this outstanding insight..

a video in Google's index is 53 times more likely to appear on the first page search results!

video is priceless in your corporate online marketing
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Promote your business with affordable, high quality online video

Online video marketing is truly powerful when combined with social networking for your business. The video may spread virally online with no effort or costs on your part, driving massive amounts of traffic to your website.

By incorporating video content into your website, blog and social networking activities, it enhances your online marketing campaigns.

Online video is hot and it sells products and services much more effectively than just plain text.

Attention grabbing online video allows you to sell or communicate your product features and services.

  • Website introduction - make your website stand out from the crowd with interactive images & audio, give your visitors a warm welcome introduction to your website.
  • Product demonstrations - video can sell your products more effectively than words on a page. You can demonstrate features more easily with web video. This improves sales.
  • Highlight your services – show potential customers what they can expect from your company’s services by highlighting your portfolio and client testimonials.

Online video is beneficial for your business as it can be embedded all over the web and shared across social networks such as Facebook – getting videos about your company’s products and services spread virally online gives you infinite ROI from your marketing budget.


Facts and figures about online video marketing and how it can greatly help your business

Video Marketing Package

  1. Online video marketing + Video SEO
  2. Social Signals
  3. Social Bookmarks

Online Video Distribution & Video SEO

  • Submission of each video to top 10 online video directories such as YouTube, Metacafe, DailyMotion etc. giving you massive online exposure and traffic to your website
  • Creation of company profile in each of the 20 video directories.
  • SEO copywriting for video title & description so that the video can be found for your targeted keywords.
  • URL of your website displayed prominently on the video site, driving more visitors to your website.
  • Backlink of your website in the video description (applicable to some video directories), giving your keyword rankings a boost in the search engines.
  • Keyword research based on your targeted keywords
  • Keyword competition analysis to select keyword(s) with the highest possibility of being ranked on the 1st page of Google
  • Keyword search volume analysis to ensure enough people are actually typing in the keyword in their search queries – go to where the market is!
  • Selected keywords are tagged to your video, and your video is optimized with the correct keyword density to ensure it ranks well in the search engines.

Social Signals

  • Getting your videos more social presence and votes to increase their popularity online
  • Increase in Facebook Likes, Shares
  • Twitter Tweets
  • Google+ Shares
  • Pinterest Pins and Shares
  • LinkedIn Shares
  • Increase in video comments & shares on YouTube
  • Driving traffic to your videos and getting them indexed quickly, and also more backlinks to your site.

Social Bookmarks

  • Driving traffic and backlinks to your videos and getting them ranked quickly to dominate the search engine ranking results.
  • Creation of social bookmark account in top 30 social bookmarking sites such as Delicious, Digg, Reddit etc.
  • Submission of 10 video URLs from Part 1 to top 30 social bookmarking sites. This provides more backlinks & traffic to the videos, helping them to dominate the search engine results page.
  • SEO copywriting of social bookmarking description for your video and website, to ensure your targeted keywords are found in online search results.
  • Includes submission of your main website URL to the top 30 social bookmarking sites - giving your website more traffic and backlinks, helping boost the ranking of your keywords in the search engine results.

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