According to Wyzowl statistics, a whopping 63% of businesses are already using video marketing. In addition, 82% of the respondents also believe video is an important part of their overall marketing strategy.

For many businesses, video marketing is one of the best additions to their promotion toolbox. However, is it truly worth it? The answer is a resounding YES! Not just because everyone is doing it, but because video marketing is one of the most versatile and profitable digital marketing tools available.

Still not convinced? Below are 7 powerful reasons to invest in video marketing right now.

1. It boosts sales and conversions

If you want to earn some serious money, video marketing is one of your best bets. In fact, adding a product video on the landing page has been proven to increase conversions by as much as 80%. Imagine that! 

Not only that, videos can also lead directly to sales. In fact, some studies show that at least 74% of users who watched an explainer video about a specific product eventually bought it. That should be enough motivation to start creating that amazing product video now.

Come to think of it, the power of videos is not even surprising. Vision is the most dominant sense and most information that is transmitted to the brain is visual. So if pictures can boost engagement dramatically, imagine what videos can do for your business!

2. Video provides massive ROI

Here’s something that will get you even more excited: 83% of businesses attest that video provides a massive return on their investment. While video production is undeniably not an easy task, it can pay off big time! If creating videos is not your forte, it is reassuring to know you can always turn to professionals to help get the job done.

Another great news is videos don’t have to be prefect as long as the content is amazing. Some research show that users are usually put off by videos that don’t explain the message or product clearly enough. 

3. Video can help build trust

Trust is the foundation of sales and conversions. That being said, building trust should be a good on its own. If truth be told, the whole concept of content marketing banks on trust and the creation of long-term relationships.

So stop focusing on selling. Rather, let people appreciate your value by offering them interesting and valuable information.

Promotional videos can also help foster trust. While some consumers are skeptical about purchasing products or services online, effective marketing videos can help change their minds. 

And since most videos are presented in conversational form, this makes people feel like it’s created just for them. This feeling can also help them become loyal to the brand.

4. Google loves videos

Videos can help ensure visitors will spend more time on your site. This longer exposure not only helps build trust, it also signals search engine that your site provides great content. Moovly provides an interesting statistic: you are 53 times more likely to show up on top of Google’s searches if you have a video embedded on your site.

Since Google also owns YouTube, there’s also a massive increase in terms of how videos affect the search engine rankings. In line with this, make sure your videos on YouTube are optimised for SEO. Start by writing catchy titles and meaty descriptions. 

It is also recommended that you add a link back to your website or products and services. This will give potential customers guidance on what step to take next. To encourage actions even more, you can also look into interactive videos.

5. You can use videos to explain everything

Are you in the process of launching a new product or service? Produce a video to show how it works! Think about this: 98% of users report they have watched an explainer video to learn more about a specific product or service. That’s the reason 45% of businesses strategically place explainer videos on their homepages.

Of those brands, 83% reported their explainer videos have helped their campaigns tremendously. If you want to explain a complex concept, consider creating animated videos. Animation can effectively bring concept to life than just mere text or live video. Animated videos offer the perfect mix of nostalgia, simplicity, and entertainment. And they work!

6. Video can help encourage social shares

Statistics show that 60% of social marketers used video content in 2015 and 73% of the total respondents are planning to include it in their marketing toolbox moving forward. Social networks know the value of videos by providing features that encourage sharing of video content.

It is important to note however that in the context of social media, people will share emotions as opposed to facts. In fact, at least 76% of users admit they would share branded videos with their friends if they find it entertaining. With that said, consider making fun and entertaining videos to boost social shares.

7. Videos engages the laziest of buyers

Video is not only a great tool for learning but it’s also very easy to consume. Nowadays, most people are too lazy to dig deep into services or read lengthy product descriptions. If anything, the modern consumer would rather see the product in action. Fortunately, video can capture a massive audience and it works on countless levels, even the laziest ones.

Over to You

Video marketing’s popularity is no coincidence. Taking into account all the amazing benefits they offer, it’s not surprising they have become wildly popular. If you haven’t yet, now is the best time to try video marketing. If you need guidance, we’d be more than happy to help!

Undoubtedly, conventional marketing concepts are no longer as effective as before and some brands that are using digital marketing may be missing out on strategies that can accelerate growth even further. 

Nowadays, people scrolling through Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and other social media platforms are constantly targeted by posts paid for by advertisers. In addition, more and more image ads are being shown daily due to the massive increase of businesses taking their marketing efforts online.

As more businesses turn to social media platforms to market their products and services, the more challenging it has become for brands to capture (and keep) the attention of the people they are targeting. 

However, there are 3 powerful reasons for brands to do video marketing on social media. Let’s explore all 3 in this article.

It can help capture attention quicker

Let’s face it, countless advertisers compete for attention online. That being said, using images as a creative won’t often no longer suffice. It is important to remember that there’s an infinite number of content out there that most just skims through images they see. 

The same is not true when it comes to corporate videos, explainer videos, or any videos you’ll produce for your brand. This might not be common knowledge but videos have been known to hold people’s attention 5 times more than just stills.

In line with this, brands should work on attracting people’s attention the first split second so they would stop scrolling and pay attention to what you are putting out there. On Facebook, the average user spends only 1.3 seconds on each post that pops up on their feeds.

To capture people’s attention, highlight the most captivating elements in the first few seconds of your video. You can do this by choosing attention-grabbing video thumbnails and incorporating brand identity as early as possible.

While seemingly basic, the techniques mentioned above are something many brands often overlook. If anything, the goal should always be to offer something that truly stands out while keeping messaging and branding consistent.

It can help optimise ad spend

Nowadays, video marketing is considered by most brands as one of the most cost-effective ways to market online. Investing in video marketing is also seen as one of the strategies that will offer the most bang for your buck. 

Some brands only shell out as low as one-tenth of a cent for each qualified video view. Compared to other options like commercials, advertising on social media is without doubt more practical and affordable.

It can help retarget viewers by viewing thresholds

Here’s one golden nugget for those who are doing video campaigns on social media platforms like Facebook. The platform gives advertisers the ability to retarget the exact video viewers based on the duration users watched the content.

Since this is integrated in the Facebook Ads Manager platform, it also makes it possible for brands to retarget users without the need to install cookies on a website. While seemingly trivial, this is actually a huge thing for advertisers.

Not only will it allow brands to initially show ads to those who have watched a piece of their video content, they can also repeat and show other videos to those who have watched the previous ones they’ve shared.

Soon as users have watched at least 10 seconds of the videos published, brands can then gauge if they are qualified and ready to be targeted through direct response advertising. 

Once prospective clients have engaged with more than one video the brand offers, it would be safe to assume they are all warmed up, open to getting to know the brand more, and can be offered one time and limited time offers.

So there you have it—3 powerful reasons to do video marketing on social media this 2020. If you’re ready to take the plunge and need professional help, get in touch with us. We can help get your video marketing efforts on the right track!