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A few years ago, a small virtual storage company was having a hard time converting people through their home page. Why? No one really truly understood what they did. Their challenge: market a product to solve a problem many people didn’t realize they had.

To solve their dilemma, they released a short, witty, fun, and enjoyable explainer video. The explainer video is less than 3 minutes but it propelled them onto a trajectory that saw them acquire a massive heap of funding, a 4 billion dollar valuation, and 50 million customers!

The company is DropBox.

Having a great story is one thing. Communicating that vision and story to potential partners, investors, and customers is another. And that’s what DropBox was able to pull off with flying colours.

Many people blaze through websites and leave without even understanding what a brand offers or if it’s any value to them. So what’s the quickest to make visitors understand what you do and get them interested enough to become buying customers?

Do what DropBox did! Show them your story rather than just telling them about it. And the best way you can go about telling your story is through explainer videos.

The Lowdown on Explainer Videos

Explainers videos are short videos you can use to introduce your brand, explain what you do, and show your target audience how you can solve their problems. It’s a memorable (and quick!) way to leave a great impact.

It is also the best way to provide viewers with all the relevant information they need to make a decision. Undoubtedly, it is vital to your site’s conversion.

With so many distractions, attention spans online don’t last very long. Many experts consider 90 seconds (or less) to be the sweet spot for most. If you don’t get to say what you need to say and get viewers excited in 90 seconds or less, then your efforts are futile.

Since you only have 90 seconds, you have to make every video count. In other words, you only need to include the key things your customers should know about your products or services.

The 5 Awesome Benefits of Explainer Videos

1. It can be shared really easily.

Once you’ve crafted your best pitch, sharing your story has never been easier with explainer videos. A staggering 70% of internet users watch videos online so make it your job to capture their interest through your videos.

Fortunately, nowadays, it’s a lot easier to share videos with so many platforms now available. So the probability of it getting viewed by thousands (or even millions!) is way higher.

You can also take your explainer videos to your sales meetings, conferences, and others. That way you’ll never have to worry about messing your pitch ever again!

2. It can boost conversion rate.

According to Internet Retailer, 85% of people are more inclined to buy a product if they watched an explainer video about it. It’s what helped Rypple (a company acquired by SalesForce) to increase conversion rates by as much as 20%.

CrazyEgg also added an explainer video to their homepage and enjoyed a 64% increase in conversion rates!

3. It can help provide better Google results.

Websites that use videos are 50 times more likely to get ranked on Google’s first page compared to those who don’t. Think about it: what do you think people would click on first? An inviting video thumbnail or a text link? Yes, the former of course!

In other words, any videos you produce is 41% more likely to get clicked than any text listing! Once you make your way to Google’s front page, more people will be enticed to purchase your products or pay for your services. That means more money for you!

4. It can help perfect your pitch.

There’s nothing worse than telling people what you do and they don’t get it immediately. An explainer video can help you get your pitch to millions of people around the world perfectly.

You don’t even have to be there. If you choose the right video production company to work with, you can rest assured you’ll have the perfect explainer video that will represent your sales pitch the best way possible.

5. It provides a massive ROI.

DropBox spent $50,000 to tell their story through a short explainer video. What they got in return? The video generated 5 million new customers and over $24 million in revenue! CrazyEgg got their revenue to $21,000 per month when they posted an explainer video.

Over to You

Are you using explainer videos to tell your story? We can help! Get in touch with us and we’ll create the perfect explainer video for you. Who knows, you just might be the next success story!