Looking to invest in a cost-effective marketing tool that can bring your company a great ROI? Something that can widen your visibility and allow you to save costs on advertising? End your search, as animation video is your best choice. Here are the ways it can improve your online presence:

Uploading an animation video on YouTube has many advantages. One of them is that it is much cheaper than advertising on Google. But for your video to be noticed it has to be great, unique, and outstanding. By doing so, you can save a lot of in your budget on advertising, while getting more visibility or online exposure. Moreover, since Google owns YouTube, your videos have better chances of ranking on Google. People can also share it on other social networking sites like Facebook.

The bounce rate is an Internet marketing term which is the percentage of visitors that visit your website and immediately leaves or “bounce” to visit another page or section. It measures the rate of the effectiveness of different websites in encouraging users to continue with their visit. So how does it affect your ranking? If your bounce rate is skyrockets to 80%, this means that 80% of the visitors quickly leave your page and you´re investment in a campaign is also going to the trash. To overcome this situation, you can embed an animated video above the fold in your website’s homepage, where users can immediately see it. This can dramatically lessen your site’s bounce rate, and also increases the time-on-page rate. It also encourages your visitors to follow your video’s call to action and take the next step in your campaign.

An animation video can work ways in improving your SEO efforts. How? As mentioned above, this type of video can enhance your online visibility and then help in improving your ranking in Google. To do this you need to start embedding an animated video into your homepage. It should be placed above the fold so it can instantly grab attention of your potential clients. It can also encourage them to stay longer in your page, resulting to you having higher rank in in the search engine. Keep in mind that Google likes websites that have a low bounce rate as well as a high time-on-page rate because it means that the users really find the website’s content as useful. This is also an organic way to gain more exposure and reach a wider audience.

Instead of investing a huge amount of money on television ads, you can switch to producing animated videos. It has a proven record of being one of the most effective types of video content marketing. In fact, it can increase your conversions by twenty percent on average! This is because videos can grab your audience´s attention orally and visually. It can be a fun, entertaining, and engaging way to generate strong identification. Some videos even set up a strong and emotional approach to attract more viewers.

Once you have produced an effective video, leverage its use by maximizing your reach and visibility on different channels. You can share it on your social media sites to gain more views. By doing so, you can also boost your brand awareness in a much profitable way. Some marketers also use it to strengthen the engagement within your existing as well as potential customers.

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One of the most common questions business owners have when planning for a video production is whether they will use live production videos or animation videos. Both options offer benefits but many prefer animation video because of the following benefits:

1. You can show your audience how your business started

Through animation video, you can showcase how your business started in different ways possible. Be it a short thirty-second clip of animation or a full-length feature of your business history, everyone loves to watch a great video. This is where animation video steps in as it can help bring different concepts or ideas to life.

When it comes to telling your company’s success story, you want to create a video that your audience will find relatable. Something that your audience will remember you about or that they will share to their friends online. What’s great about animation videos is that it uses the power of storytelling to make your story easier to understand and memorable. It can also look playful and vibrant so your audience don’t easily get bored while absorbing helpful information about your new business or new services.

2. Animation videos are easy to understand
What many business like about animation videos is that it can display clear information in a simple manner. You don't have to include loads of information that could bore your audience. It gets the point across and makes sure that your audience hears the message well. Yes you can still include graphs and charts but you can make sure that your audience will still appreciate it by using a voice over to explain the information.

3. You can create high quality videos
Even if you are low in budget, you are rest assured that you can produce quality videos through animation. Unlike with using live videos, where you have to hire actors, dedicate time to look for a location, rent some equipment, animation allows you to skip these steps and just go straight into production. The quality will also be great since your staff will be using online applications to do it.

4. Animated videos appeal to many types of audience
Whether your target audiences are working moms, young professionals, or business owners, animated videos is still a good option. What’s good about this type of video is that it appeals to a wide array of audience. This is because animated videos are simple and easy to watch. No matter how complicated the topic is or how insightful it is, you can still make it simple with animation. The animated characters are fictional, so they don’t certainly have a real race or beliefs as compared to real actors. This makes it less of a hassle to make it appealing to various types of viewers.

A lot of people might think that it is less professional and might only appeal to younger generation. What they seem to miss that adults also love creativity and the human aspect that surrounds the video.

There you have it. With this list in mind, it is probably easier now to decide whether you need an animation video or not. The next step is to find a team of professionals who can bring your ideas to life. If you are looking for a video production company in Singapore that you can trust, look no further than Reelmedia Pte. Ltd. They have the expertise and experience in the industry to help you with any of your video production needs. Be sure to visit their website or contact one of their staff for any questions you may have in mind.

Do you ever feel overwhelmed with the number of emails you need to read at work? Or perhaps feel bored looking at so many articles, posts, or blogs you see online? Good thing the marketing industry are now starting to find ways on how to better entertain and inform its target audience, and one of them is through animation videos.

We already know that content is important in marketing. Whether you are telling a story about how your company started, how many satisfied customers you have, or how your employees love working for your company, the main goal is to attracting the customers by sharing effective and persuading information. This is why animation video is effective. People can easily digest information through watching videos than reading a lengthy article. For more reasons why your company needs animation video, check out the list below:

Animation videos make your content more compelling.
Even if you have the best script or content to offer your audience, if you deliver it poorly, there’s a higher risk that your audience will not read it. This is where animation video steps in. Through animation video, you can turn your great content into a much interesting topic by using a visual medium. No matter how complicated your concept is, it will not be as costly as using actual props to do your company video. You just need to hire the right video production company to help turn your ideas into a one effective animation video.

It’s easier to manage video production.
Have you ever had to hire actors or voice actors and rent props just to shoot a live-action video? The process can be frustrating, complicated, and sometimes costly if something goes unplanned. With animation video, you need not to worry about locations, sets, props, actors, and equipment. Hire the right team and you can easily drag and drop props, move characters, and switch backgrounds in just a few clicks.

Animations videos are cost effective.
Since you no longer have to worry about the sets, the locations, and the actors, you will save more money in your video production budget. With animated video, churning out multiple ideas to create a new content is a very simple task. Just think of the visuals that you know your audience will find helpful, write the script, and you're on your way to producing a great video.

You can easily update videos.
With a simple drag and drop, your team can easily update your outdated video from months ago. You can even turn your previous blogs into an engaging and fun video, while not being impeded by traditional constraints in live-action video. You can even upgrade static infographics about your company services into a highly engaging tour through the content.

Sky is the limit when it comes to videos
There are no limits to what you can do with videos. It depends on you how you want your story to be perceived by your audience. Just be sure that it is catchy enough for them to watch and share it with their friends.

If you are now convinced that you need an animated video for your business, the next step is to find a reliable video production company. Choose a video production company that can make it a lot easier for you to produce a video of great quality and in no time. One of the best companies in the industry is of Reelmedia Pte. Ltd. Visit their website now to find out how their services can turn your ideas into reality.