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Regardless of your niche and industry, it’s safe to assume your target audience watches videos. Nowadays, more and more people are watching video content on their smartphones. 

So whether you are B2C or B2B, adding video in your content marketing strategy can significantly enhance brand visibility and provide a great venue where you can connect and engage with your audience effectively.

The Dramatic Rise of Video Marketing

Humans are mostly visual. Typically, our attention gravitates toward flashy and colourful images that inspire and entertain. If we take that fact into account, it does not come as a surprise that humans collectively spent a billion hours each day watching videos. And that’s on YouTube alone!

Undoubtedly, the visual appeal of videos has a massive and profound influence on the way media is consumed and shared. Each year, more and more space on social platforms are dedicated to videos.

In fact, a Facebook executive once remarked the social media giant will, in the not so distant future, migrate to video entirely. When done right, video marketing is powerful enough to transform a brand and get it in front of the right audience.

Video Marketing Done Right: How to Create Powerful Video Marketing Campaigns

Below are effective ways you can do video marketing right and craft powerful video marketing campaigns:

Create videos with uplifting content

Red Bull is one of the many brands that knows how to do video marketing right. Their videos highlight great feats of skills, bravery, and athleticism. Sponsored athletic feats have helped create a great image for Red Bull: it’s fun, sporty, and limitless.

Red Bulls’s video marketing content is congruent with their brand identity: they push the boundaries of what humankind is capable of. Case in point: Felix Baumgartner’s 128-kilometer free fall from space earned 45 million views!

Create content that boosts confidence

In the cosmetics advertising world, Dove has always been one of the standout players. Rather than producing generic 30-second commercials promoting their product line, their video campaign “Choose Beautiful,” highlighted the benefits of believing in one’s inner beauty in a world that has become obsessed with unrealistic beauty standards.

Create user-generated content

Since it was first introduced in 2004, GoPro has clearly demonstrated what user-generated content. The brand’s action cameras pick-up high-octane visuals of athletic stunts, extreme sports, and everyday life from the point of view of an adventurer or athlete.

Evidently, GoPro’s video marketing strategy is mainly user-generated. Users record themselves, upload the content on YouTube, and share the video with their connections, with the GoPro branding and name attached. 

In other words, GoPro rarely produces high-quality viral videos. Instead, they let their user base produce those amazing videos on their behalf. At times, the brand buys the rights to produce viral user-generated videos.

One example is the heartwarming video of a fireman saving a little kitten from a house fire. The video has so far generated 44 million views.

Create content that’s out-of-the-box

The feminine hygiene brand Always has earned success for deviating from the typical tropes of the tampon and pad market. Their #LikeAGirl campaign on social media has spread like wildfire, thanks to their viral promotional videos that showcase female success stories.

Ready to Get Started?

You don’t have to be a Fortune 500 company to create a powerful, effective, and captivating video marketing campaign. As a general rule of thumb, create videos that tell stories your audience likes to watch and share.

If you want to create brilliant videos that truly inspire, we can help! Just get in touch and you are a step closer to that video that will effectively get you in front of your audience!