Over the years, video marketing has grown exponentially. While video content is not new, the internet is constantly finding fresh and creative ways to create and enjoy videos. The massive popularity TikTok is now enjoying is solid proof.

Video has proven that videos can be both entertaining and beneficial to users and brands alike. Compared to other types of content, videos generate more engagement and attention from users. Videos also have a higher chance of going viral.

Just like SEO, video marketing is also dynamic and constantly evolving. That being said, brands need to be aware of the rising video trends so they can make needed tweaks to their video content and strategy.

Top Video Marketing Stats for 2020

The following interesting and relevant video marketing can be very useful when brainstorming video strategies for the year. These statistics will also help you take note of key details to pay attention to. Start tweaking your video marketing strategy and creating data-driven decisions by keeping in mind the following:

Users on Linkedin are 20 times more likely to share video than other types of post on the platform.

Facebook and YouTube are the most used platforms 

A whopping 90% of shoppers have discovered a product or brand through YouTube

A survey done by Wyzowl revealed that at least 92% of marketers admit videos are a crucial part of their marketing strategy

At least 95% of video marketers are planning to increase their ad spend

According to marketing professionals, video is the type of content with the best return on investment

At least 57% of marketers use live video

At least 87% of marketers revealed videos have helped increase their website traffic

At least 84% of users bought a product or service after watching a brand’s video

At least 66% of teenagers in the US (between 13 to 19) watch video content daily

At least 72% of customers prefer finding about a service or product through video

Top 3 Video Marketing Examples

Undeniably creating a video marketing campaign from scratch can be challenging. Fortunately, this is something we can easily help you with! Also, when unsure where to start, you can always draw inspiration from leaders in the industry who are taking video marketing to the next level.

Taking note of what the leaders in your niche are doing can help you see the strategies that are currently working so you can see where to incorporate them in your own strategy. The following video marketing masterpieces should get your creative juices flowing:

Cheetos (Can’t Touch This)

This video shows how key branding elements play out when introducing a new product. The ad was first shown during Super Bowl was hilarious and very relatable for those who have had “Cheeto fingers.” 

This marketing video highlighted their key branding element—orange finger dust. The theme continued until the end and revealed they are releasing a new product, the Cheetos popcorn.

Apple Introducing iPhone 11

This video shows how you should highlight quality when marketing a product. After so much anticipation, iPhone 11 was introduced to the world. The video amassed 34 million views on YouTube. The top-quality video also featured all the strengths of the product and emphasized why Apple is the right choice.

Other new features were also highlighted during the release including the phone’s water-resistant coating, new dual camera, and the highest video quality in any smartphone. The emphasis on quality is what made this video viral.

Amazon’s Before Alexa

This marketing video highlights how you can incorporate diverse strategies and still create one cohesive and powerful video. The genius behind the ad used comedy to juxtapose what life was life before all the technology we are currently enjoying have been introduced.

The video also cleverly highlighted the capabilities of the product and what life was like before owning the device. Amazon also used a very popular influencer—Ellen DeGeneres to star in the ad. The ad did so well that it garnered 61 million views in just 3 short months!

Peerless Benefits of Video Marketing

Video marketing is not popular by coincidence. They are massively popular because they not only work, they also offer peerless benefits that are hard to miss. For instance:


Videos are known to increase levels of engagement across all channels dramatically. This translates to more comments, shares, and likes for your brand. Eventually, these will all boil down to powerful brand awareness.

On Instagram, videos get more engagement than any other forms of content. Videos are also very effective in helping brands connect with their target audience and establish relationships.


Videos increase brand credibility by helping build trust between brand and users. When your audience hears testimonials from other users or sees your product at work with their own eyes, it can help them trust your brand more and see it as credible.


Statistics clearly indicate that video marketing yields the best ROI among the different content types. If you are looking for a marketing channel that provides massive ROI, video marketing is your best bet!

Key Takeaways

Videos have now become an integral part of content production and consumption. No wonder many marketers consider video marketing as the future of digital. Ready to create that powerful video? We’re here to help! Get in touch with us and we’ll create that video that will represent your brand best and put them in front of your audience!