Thanks to modern marketing, marketers and business owners can now implement their previously impossible strategies and reach their unique goals.

A bad product review can be an opportunity to showcase good customer service. One simple tweet to influencer can give you access to a wide array of audience. An animated video can help you humanize your brand.

However, when it comes to animated videos, how can fictional characters help make your brand more reputable? Wouldn’t using an actual person be a more effective approach in creating your marketing video?

While one might see animations as their least resource in promoting their brand, it can be very effective that more and more companies are using it.

Why Companies Are Bidding on Animated Videos?

An animated video is an engaging tool that you can use to comprehensively tell your story to your audience. Studies show that 90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual and 65% of people are visual learners. This is because vision is the most dominant sense, and it takes up half of the human brain’s resources. In fact, according to John Media, a molecular biologist, visual information is processed faster by 60,000x than text.

These studies are just some of the reasons why there’s an inevitable shift toward using visual content on social media. With just one scroll on your Facebook or LinkedIn, you’ll see a lot of video content being posted.  In the US alone, the average number of video posts has increased to 94% per person. Here are other statistics that will convince you of how effective video marketing is these days:

  • Facebook averages over 8 billion video streams per day
  • The total number of people who use YouTube is a whopping 1,300,000,000
  • 1/3 of all online activity is spent watching video
  • 6 out of 10 people prefer online video platforms to live TV
  • Adding a video on a landing page can increase its conversion rate by up to 80%
  • 87% of digital marketers are using video content

Thanks to the continuous advancement in technology, we can now create high-quality animated videos with the use of a reasonably priced tool. These videos are very flexible and can even convey complex ideas in a fun manner. Many startups also prefer using this type of video marketing strategy as it is budget friendly.


Reasons to Incorporate Animated Videos into Your Marketing Strategies 

Easy to make

Compared to doing live action videos, animated videos are a lot feasible. With live action, you need to hire actors, look for a good location, rent equipment, and hire an editing team. But with animation video, all you need is to hire a corporate video production company who offers animation services. You will cut your expenses in half while sending the same message across. The rest of the budget can be used in other marketing efforts that will strengthen your online presence. You can either use the budget to produce more products, host events, or use as a prize for an online contest.

It will not limit your creativity

Aside from cutting out the whole video shoot process, animation video offers you the flexibility to be in different locations, have different actors, and have different storylines. Any concept can come to life, whether you want to use robots, flying objects, or even ghosts and monsters. Skip right to the editing phase and cut down on labor cost. You will even save yourself from the hassle of coordinating with different teams and managing anyone’s schedule.  While you may still need a video production team, the cost is so much less than a live video.


Allows you to make consistent content

The competitive industry of digital marketing requires you to consistently publish content to engage your audience. This could be a challenge, especially for start up companies that don’t have much budget to produce content. With animation videos, you can consistently create new content that will position your business in front of your target audience at all time. It has short production time and is way cheaper than other ways of creating videos.

They can explain your concept well

No matter how out of this world your promotional video concept is, you can turn it into reality with the help of animation video. Videos have a large array of resources, making it an engaging and effective way to explain new ideas and concepts. It is also an advisable option for brands with complex products and services. Through videos, you can explain your potential customers who you are, how your product works, how they can avail your services in only a minute or so.

Reinforces brand awareness

If your goal is to build trust and incite brand awareness, then video animation is a good choice. This option can be custom made, allowing you to tailor it for your brand. You can use it to portray your brand persona since the animation can easily incorporate, logo, and other marketing concepts you’ve already been using before. The animation can even have a voiceover actor that fits your audience type so you can make it more relatable. With a good quality animation video, you can build trust and portray your business as a reliable one.

They are mobile friendly

It’s no secret that mobile is the future of technology. We now have advanced smartphones and quality bandwidths, making it easier for people to consume online content. In fact, 50% of all YouTube traffic is from mobile while 65% of Facebook views are also happening on mobile. Plus, most videos now adapt to every screen format and size so even if you are not using the most advanced mobile phones, you can still watch HD videos. Moreover, you can never go wrong with combining video and mobile as they go hand in hand. These days, 90% of consumers now watch videos using their mobile phones. Even YouTube reported that the mobile video consumption of their users rises 100% for every year. These statistics only show that people like to watch videos while they are on the go. Since more and more people are using mobile phones, the audience of your animation or explainer video will only grow bigger and bigger.

 Animation videos can boost the SEO of your website

By adding animation videos to your website, you can boost its search engine status. This is due to the fact that most search engines prefer those pages that have videos. Such pages are also more likely to get backlinks. Moreover, Google’s algorithm for search rankings considers the time your visitors spend on your website. This is why animated videos have been getting a lot of bids from marketers and startups. Through longer exposure, you can build customer trust and it will also signal different search engines to boost your ranking as your site provides good content. According to Moovly, your website is 53 times more likely show up on Google’s results page if your video is embedded on your website.

Boosts conversion rate

Animations do not just entertain your customers. These videos can also engage them to the point that they make actual purchases, share your content, subscribe to your newsletters, and help business in maximizing profits. Whether your brand is trying to sell smartphones or offering services, it can be marketed through the use of animated video. You can also decide how serious or light-hearted you want your video to be perceived.

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