Television has lost its power over the consumers in the last few years and that is of no surprise for any of us. These days, everything that is important, we can find it on the social media pages, either ours or on our friend’s shared videos. And that changes the rules on the game in the media world: one does not need to pay for you video to be seen, as this will happen organically if the consumers will share the video and engage others to comment on it.

But how has this become possible? Brands have realized that they can reach their consumers in a more personal and innovative approach, using the video market and tracking their reaction towards it. BI Intelligence has just released a report in this direction, showing the growth that social video has had in the past years and which channels were best used by marketers and advertisers to manage the cover up in the market.



Which are the key elements that we need to remember about the social video world?

  • Social media influenced video has developed so much, that is has managed to eclipse the non- social video on the web, audience wise. The online video audience has had a big growth, and it is expected to double by 2016, according to Cisco, who are pointing out a reach of 1.5 billion globally, as people will shift towards watching video on social media platform, such as YouTube, Facebook or mobile apps.
  • Teenagers are massive consumers of social media and therefore of the social video. BuzzFeed has conducted an analysis on 152 videos and realized that 80% of them were posted by teens.
  • Social media has impacted the length of the videos. The video length is getting shorter and shorter, in order to fit in to the preferences of the social media audience.  Also, it is crucial to keep in mind the fact that the intersection between the mobile devices and social media will for sure have an impact on the length of the videos as well.
  • The advertisers have the interest in being associated with the social videos. Data shows that consumers are more likely to enjoy a brand video and remember the brand involved if they come across it thanks to a social media recommendation.
  • Social is the key to the all valuable viral videos. Brands have shifted their attention towards the viral world. For a brand, to have a video that goes viral and earns millions of viewers on YouTube simply means that the brand has just gained millions of impressions that they did not have to pay for. This is a perfect way for brands to experiment and use the social video industry to find the right way to reach to their customers.


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