Our live has changed on the social media now as we spend a great amount of time using it to share tweets, to comment on Facebook or to like posts. But do you know what is the post-click behavior, when we actually interact with a link one of our friends shared socially?

In order to do so, we can take a look at a 6 months data report that Shareaholics made for September 2013-February 2014, where they have checked 200,000 sites which reached 250 million unique visitors in order to have a sense of what the social network was driving the users. We can observe the following out of that report:


What we can easily see form the above chart:

  1. YouTube is the “king” of social media channels.  These referrals have the lowest average bounce rate (43.19%), the highest pages per visit (2.99) and the longest visit duration (227.82 seconds). Why are visitors from YouTube so engaged? The answer is simple: because the video itself is so engaging that viewers are likely to maintain a similar level of engagement with related content.  What we can easily see is that video watchers are especially receptive to links within video descriptions which complement the audio +visual content they just consumed. Also, we have to remember that YouTube has so many viewers just because people love to spend hours in educating or entertaining themselves with videos that they found here.
  2. Even though both Google+ and LinkedIn drive the fewest social referrals, we can’t deny that these channels bring some of the best visitors. The Google + visitors spend around 3 minutes to check the things shared by their connections, having a bounce rate of 50.63% and visiting 2.45 pages during each visit. LinkedIn on the other hand, keeps its users around 2 minutes on each link, viewing 2.23 pages per visit and bouncing 51.28% of the time.
  3. A referral from Twitter is as good as a referral from Facebook — at least, in terms of bounce rate, pages per visit and time on site. On the 4th place, we find Twitter and Facebook. Both types of visitors bounce the same (56.35% of the time), while Twitter wins the pages per visit category (2.15 vs 2.03) and Facebook users tend to spend more time on a site post-click than Twitter users do (127.44 seconds vs. 123.10).
  4. On the 6th, Pinterest has a bouncing rate equal to the one of Facebook, but has fewer views per page (1.71) and less time spend on the site (65 seconds).
  5. Reddit users have proven to be the most likely to abandon sites, with a bounce rate of 70.16%. This platform is a very hard one, as the users are very selective when it comes to the content and easily downvote anything that they do not like.
  6. On the last place we can find StambleUpon, with 1.5 pages per visit and with visitors which spend 54 seconds on the website.

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