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Every minute, there are hundreds of videos being uploaded on YouTube. With this amount of content, you may be wondering why only a few videos are becoming viral. If you are a marketer or a business owner, you would definitely want your video to go viral.

There are many videos on YouTube that are not optimized to be viral and a lot of them don’t offer that much value to viewers.

As a marketer, how do you make your video interesting enough for people to watch? What ways can you convince your viewers to share your content with their friends on social media?

The key is to make the video more interesting is to make it remarkable.

Without this factor, your video will have zero views, zero shares, and zero likes. As a result, the video will not hit YouTube’s key metrics to call a video a success.

But how do you make a video remarkable? The answer to this is to hook your audience.

How to Hook Your Audience?

The attention span of human beings is even shorter than a goldfish. That’s why it’s very important to make the most of the first few seconds of your video not just to grab your viewers’ attention but to hold it. In fact, you only have 10, if not 5 seconds to hook your viewers.

This is because your audience expects these videos to get them interested, fast. If you’ve ever tried watching videos on YouTube, you’ve probably seen advertisers broadcast their ads on videos you want to watch. And you have to wait for 5 seconds before you can skip them.

As for other social media platforms like Facebook, videos autoplay and you also have a few seconds to hook your audience before they continue scrolling through their newsfeed. With a good hook, you get your audience interested quickly.

For a hook to be effective, you need to add something interesting at the very beginning of your video. It will help draw in viewers and maybe even convince them to share your video, share it to their friends, or buy your products. There’s no need to invest so much of your marketing budget to make a great video that’ll go viral. A lot of successful videos just follow certain techniques. Here are some of them to help you hit the bull’s eye in hooking your viewers to watch your entire video:

Be straight to the point

The moment your viewers hit the play button, the content in your video should be effective enough to grab their attention. If not, it will get lost in the busy crowd of the Internet. One of the easiest ways to boost watch time is to tell exactly to your audience what they are about to get from your video. Deliver your message quickly by placing it in one of the first frames. The tone of the video will also help you engage them. Make sure you are using a friendly and conversational tone to make your video more relatable. Combine these strategies with a solid storytelling content and you’ll surely be able to connect with your audience within just 5 seconds or less.

Use the right visuals

Video is starting to dominate social media. That is because research shows that 50% of consumers prefer seeing videos from brands. And knowing that your audience is easily distracted, you want to make sure that your video starts with effective and attention grabbing visuals. However, the work doesn’t end with grabbing their attention. You also have to keep the momentum by continuously using nice rhythm, effective visuals, and good pacing. You can use voiceovers, music, or text to make the content more effective and memorable.


Talk to Your Audience

Break the fourth wall and talk to your audience. By talking directly to your audience and using the word “You”, can help double viewership of your videos. According to YouTube, the mention of “you”, “your”, “yourselves” and “y’all” during the first 5 seconds of your video can increase views by up to 66%. It can even double viewership and increase retention rate. If you mention “you” twice, views can boost by up to 97%.

Tips on using Videos in Business Marketing

Creating a marketing video is already tough as it is. Using it to engage your audience makes it more challenging. The process of reaching your target audience is just as vital as planning how to create a video. This is why some companies hire video production companies to make sure each step of the process works seamlessly.

If you need help how to leverage your marketing video and use it to in small business marketing, below are some tips you might want to keep in mind.

Identify your goals

Just like any other tasks, it should all start with having a clear vision of what you want to achieve. Do you want to introduce a new brand or service to your audience? Are you planning to use the video to drive traffic to your website? Do you want to increase brand awareness? By setting your goals, you will have a clearer picture of how to take the next steps and eventually get the outcome that you want.

Know your target audience

Research about who your audience is to have an idea on how to target them. It's important that you know how they prefer to consume content and in which social media networks they spend their time while online. Learn whether they follow influencers or if they enjoy their social media accounts. These are just some of the factors that could greatly impact how you would create the video and where you would market it.

Learn from your previous marketing strategies

If you already have an existing video marketing strategy, look into it. Assess areas that you can improve its quality or gather data on how you can better promote it. If you don't have a previous video to inspect, try checking the work of your competitors. How can you improve their work? What will you change if it were your brand's video? Use it as a guide but don't plagiarize or copy its content.

Have a script that will engage and entertain your audience:

While planning your video, think of stories you can share to connect and engage with your audience. Be it an emotional or a funny video, choose a tone that you best think will help you share some of your company’s or client’s strongest stories.

Keep in mind that a corporate video takes a lot of effort and time to create so there is no reason to rush and spend company resources on a bad video. Find a way to connect your company’s message to the day-to-day problems or topics of your audience.

Offer something new

Viewers always appreciate it when brands offer something new. With the number of videos, they see on their newsfeed every single day, it's always worth sharing a content that makes them think, smile, or laugh. Plus, unique videos have better chances of trending and audience find it easier to remember them.

Be willing to spend on paid traffic

There are three forms of distribution that will help your audience find your video content. These forms include earned, paid, and owned media. While organic traffic is always an ideal way to be reached by your target audience, it wouldn’t hurt to spend a little for paid traffic. It will help you boost your chances of reaching more audience in just a few minutes or hours. It will still depend on you what ratio of your resources you are willing to dedicate to each form. Successful video campaigns usually have a mix of all three forms.

Plan how to distribute the video

It pays to have a plan on how you will distribute the video throughout different social media platforms. If your goal is to reach a broad number of audience, then consider paying some ads or promotions on YouTube or Facebook. It will also help to ask all of your staff to share the video to further spread the news about it.

Let Reelmedia Pte. Ltd. help you create a video that your target audience will surely love. Visit our website today for more information about our services. You may also call us at (65) 6527 2655 or (65) 9488 8669. Our professional and friendly staff will be more than to help turn your animation video ideas into results.



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