The generations are changing and so do their behaviors. The digital platforms and social networks have managed to change the relationship between the brands and its consumers. If the consumers of today use multi-screen media to make life easier, simpler and more meaningful, what can brand advertisers do to connect with these new trends?


We can state that the consumers today are spoiled by the multitude of choices that they have.  With new technologies delivering more media on more devices than ever before, their options for content are limitless, and therefore the consumers are choosing to engage only with the content which is personally relevant for them. This new consumer mind-set has implications for their purchasing behavior—consumers shop with the same purpose that they consume content.

Why is brand purpose so important?

Nowadays, brand purpose is more critical than ever to break through the clutter and to drive purchases. Brands should focus on the influence over usage, as the brand which will provide a deeper experience of the products to the customers will manage to create an emotional experience which will link the product to the client.

If before, the brand advertising could use a traditional approach in order to touch the hearts of the audience and to keep the clients close, today the digital platforms and social network have changed that relationship between brands and consumers, mainly due to the many choices present. But what can brands do now?  New consumers are looking much more substantially than they have in the past to media to match the purpose with which they lead their lives. More than ever, this perspective helps them fulfill their needs, passions and interests. The degree to which purpose even drives their shopping and purchases is eye-opening. Consumers choose the brands that engage them on their passions and interests 42% more often than they do those that simply urge them to buy the product being advertised. As a result, their path to purchase is actually their path to purpose.

What is the most influential way to reach these new consumers along their path to purpose?

As you would expect from their online behavior, these consumers are very engaged with online content, as they don't just consume media, but  they create their own content and curate that of others.

What are the most influential media touch-points for the new consumer?

Today, many brands are generating stellar consumer engagement on YouTube by tapping into consumers’ passions and interests, offering videos that generate an emotional experience of ownership. This strategy allows them to correlate the brand core with the consumers’ passions, and therefore create the link needed between the brand and the client. Just remember that consumers are hungry to live their passions and that brands can satisfy that appetite and take the rewards for it.

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