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Back in the day, the process of reaching your audience sounds simple. Brands need to create demand in order to get the results they want such as increased sales or boost profit.

But now, viewers and audiences are no longer easily persuaded. While modern technology has made innovative graphics easily achievable, it has also created a generation of mobile phone-carrying, multi-tasking, and internet surfing types of consumers. These consumers are presented with tons of attention-getting strategy every day. This made getting the customer’s attention more challenging, especially when there are a thousand other brands trying to do the same thing as you.

One solution that made these challenges easier to solve is through the use of corporate video production. Corporate videos have many uses and there are many areas in your marketing department which can directly benefit from these videos such as explaining the company’s processes, celebrating a company milestone, creating training material, documenting a staff activity, production of sales presentations and most importantly telling your audience your company story.

Without a doubt, video marketing is a great addition to your promotion toolbox. If you still have doubts about whether it is really worth to consider, then the answer is yes. Not only will you be able to compete with every brand that’s doing it but also because a video is a very versatile and cost-effective digital marketing tool. If you need more reasons why corporate video production should be a part of your digital marketing arsenal, here are other benefits it offers:

Corporate Video Can Boost Sales and Profit

One of the many reasons why brands resort to videos is because it can bring in some serious money. According to research, adding a video on a landing page can boost its conversion rate by up to 80%. Moreover, 74% of users who watched an explainer video about a certain product subsequently purchased it. These numbers only show that videos have a huge impact on how your audience perceives your brand and product, giving you all the more reason to start crafting a product video today.

Corporate Video Helps You Build Trust

Just like in any other business, trust is a great foundation for your brand to boost conversions and sales. The idea of content marketing is based on creating long-term relationships between you and your audience. And this can be achieved through building trust. Once you have achieved this, consumers will come to you. They will trust what you are providing them as they see it as interesting and useful information.

Corporate Video Can Improve Your Ranking

Through videos, you can increase the time visitors spend on your site. As a result, longer exposure can help build trust between you and your audience. The best part is that it signals search engines such as Google that your site offers good content. Research shows that you’re 53 times more likely to show up on Google’s first page if a video is embedded on your website. And since Google owns YouTube, it can also bring a significant increase in how much videos can positively impact your search engine rank.


Benefits of corporate videos on businesses

Many businesses are starting to realize just how important video production is when it comes to winning in the corporate world. Through corporate video production, you can tell your story to your audience, reach more people, and even nurture existing clients. However, producing corporate videos is more than just shooting a few scenes and letting social media do its trick. You also want to ensure that your videos are valuable and of the highest quality to achieve the success your business wants in a video.

If this is your first time to create a video and you want to make sure it will be a success, you want to hire a company that has the expertise needed to produce effective corporate videos.

Here are ways these corporate videos can positively impact your business audience:

You Will Be Able to Reach Visual Learners

Today’s consumer audience has a very short attention span and is no longer comprised of just auditory learners. According to recent statistics, consumers remember about 10% of what is heard and 20% of what is seen, and most importantly they remember 50% of what they have heard and seen. This makes videos highly engaging and highly effective in ensuring that you are able to capture your audience’s attention.

Better Presentation of the Product, Service, or Brand

An image can add life to images and can greatly enhance communication. Therefore, since corporate can speak about your brand, products, or services, it can give an emotional bonding with the audience and can even help in building and nurturing the trust of your targeted audience. With a lot of information being presented to viewers, it could leave your audience in a confused state. By giving them corporate videos related to their searches, it would give them a good understanding of the particular search.

Showcase Your Brand Story

Another great thing about a corporate video is that it can be used as the best way to showcase your brand. In just a short span, you can tell your brand story and cover all the information you need to share. Through adding a pinch of creativity in your videos, it can work wonders in attracting visitors.

Good for Online Ranking

You can find your website on top of search engines through the use of a good corporate video. More than just watching or hearing ads online, people enjoying watching and listening. You can also add the video to your landing page to reduce bounce rates. Google even ranks those websites on top that have a lot of engagement. Therefore, by adding a video to your website, you can make it more SEO friendly.


How to add more value to your corporate video?

Every day there are tons of videos being uploaded online. If your target audience doesn't find your video valuable, then they will most likely look for a better alternative. What's worse is that your video will get lost in the noise of the internet.

To succeed in video marketing, you need to produce a video with valuable content. It should have relevant and helpful information, production quality, and unique presentation that’s worth every minute of your viewers.

The more time you add in your video, the more challenging it will be to convince your viewers to sit through it. So how do you win in this competitive industry? How can you produce remarkable content? How will you make sure that your audience will watch your video?

Here are some helpful tips to help you get started:

Invest in your video

Invest not just in the budget but in time and effort as well. Although there are many tools and various materials available that can make your task a lot easier, this should be a reason for you to take the easy route. Do your research and know what will catch the attention of your target audience. Survey them if necessary to ensure that your viewers will see your content as interesting.

Plan everything out

Good planning gets you a step closer to the end result that you wish to see. Before everything else, research your audience and industry, create a storyboard, and write an effective script. This way, it will be a lot easier to check whether you are in the right direction as you move from one step to another in your video production.

Don’t do it on your own

Have a team of staff who will help you with this project. Survey your employees or colleagues and find people who are interested in or have a passion for video production or video editing. People who are into these kinds of projects will have fun helping out and will not see it as an additional task on their queue.

Have high standards

Time and budget constraints are no excuse to present your audience with a second rate content. Always have a high standard when choosing your materials and actors. Remember that these actors will be the face of your brand so they have to do justice to their role.

Choose an appropriate location

The audience will know if your video was shot in a makeshift studio. They pay close attention to detail to see if video producers are worth their time and money. Therefore, it will be best to shoot the location in a place that is appropriate for your script.

If your staff members are already swamped with tasks or do not have the skills to finish the task, there are always corporate video production companies who are willing to help you. One of the best companies in Singapore you can trust is Reelmedia Ptd Lte. We have years of experience in producing quality videos and helping businesses reach their digital marketing goals.

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