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Why You Should Have A Whiteboard Video 

Sure, there is no arguing with the truth that whiteboard animations look excellent and are a delight to watch. But, this unusual medium has so much more to give than strict performance value. In fact, there are plenty of situations in which the application of whiteboard animation style videos gives increased business advantages to organizations of every size.

Why Do You Need a Whiteboard Video Animation on Your Page?

When different guests visit on your page, what do they notice first? Do they find an intimidating-looking chunk of lines defining your company's service and product offerings, or do they see an engaging, welcoming, whiteboard animation worth sharing in a fun way?

If you are concerned that your text-intensive web page may be resulting in on-site visitor frustration or confusion, replacing text blocks with 60-90 second, "you-focused" whiteboard videos showing your company’s products & services, or defining your business philosophy, could provide a visitor experience for your webpage.

Whiteboard Animated Videos Work Great If:

  • Your product/service is very complex.

Whiteboard animated videos are deemed one of the best types of marketing videos to carry complex concepts or ideas: just like in school, when we are in front of the whiteboard, we know that it must be something important and we demand to pay attention to what is being told/shown.

  • When you need to educate the viewers

Animated videos with a powerful combination of visual details, animated characters, and a compelling voice-over help in training and educating the viewers on a topic.

  • When you desire to add a dash of humor

Whiteboard videos also work terrific if you prefer to add a little bit of humor or fun, in order to make your video more interesting and amusing. Adding in sound effects, caricatures & music also add to the mood of the video.

  • You want to give your videos a personal touch

Whiteboard explainer videos are proving to be more engaging than most video formats, and provides your video with a more human and "informal" approach. By including custom animated characters, you can generate a strong connection with your audience; and the outcomes can be even more stunning.

Benefits of Whiteboard Animation Videos

Whiteboard animation has developed as a clear winner for companies looking forward to creating a niche in their industry while employing fewer resources and preserving their marketing cost.

Frankly put, whiteboard animation is a new-age marketing tool that enables a business to convey its marketing strategy to its customers in the form of a video.

Such videos contain a crisp message detailing the business's products and/or services and compelling the users to buy/invest in its offerings.

In this column, we've detailed a variety of hidden benefits and advantages whiteboard animation provides to give their marketing strategy a boost:

  1. Boost Sales

Even if you are not so conversant in the term 'explainer video,' there's a decent chance you've seen one. These videos use animation to clarify things, like products or services.

There are numerous ways to create an animated explainer video, and whiteboard animation is one of the more popular methods. But irrespective of what technique you decide on, these videos are known to spice up sales.

Their visual appeal and simplicity can capture the eye of your audience, evoke emotion, and encourage people to take action. A survey from Wyzowl found that 81 percent of companies said their explainer video helped them increase sales.

And in step with Business Insider, Dropbox's explainer video increased conversions by 10 percent, which translated to 10 million new clients and $48,000,000 in revenue.  Not bad, considering how basic the animation is.  It proves that you don't need fancy 6-figure budgets with Hollywood special effects for videos to generate revenues for your business.

  1. Help People Understand What You Do

It's no secret that video is more popular than text content. Animoto's survey showed that four times as many people would like to watch a product video as those who would rather hear about it. And right off the bat, people are more likely to watch an overview video than reading an instruction manual, for example.

But these kinds of videos could also help people understand better what your company has to offer.

The Wyzowl survey referred to above also found that 91% of customers watched an explanation video when they heard about goods or services, and 97% of companies said that their explanation video enabled people to understand their product or service much better.

Coca-Cola published the video below to clarify its current content marketing plan, and it's probably easier to follow than to listen to some talking head about the complexities of Coke's marketing.

  1. Make Your Brand Easy to Remember

It sticks in your customer's head.  Making your customer know your brand, product or service is a vital marketing objective. People seldom buy when they are first introduced to an offer. And the more they remember your brand from the first contact, the more likely they are to get more details.

And no other medium is more unforgettable than that of video. Think about yourself, how many times do you remember your favourite scene from a movie or tv show? Video outperforms text, graphics, or any other media by a long shot. According to the Online Publishers Association, 80% of viewers have been able to remember a video ad they have seen over the last 30 days.

If you want to make the most unforgettable piece of content you can, whiteboard and cartoon animation video is a perfect choice. By incorporating easy-to-understand graphics, compelling storylines, and (sometimes) catchy songs, your customers are more interested than standard videos.

  1. Get More Engagement

There's a little something about whiteboard videos that is just captivating. When you watch the hand moving on the screen with these drawings, you're not quite sure what's going to come next.

Anticipation helps keep audiences interested, as they seek to predict what the hand is going to draw. That anticipation can be enticing enough to keep the clients watching your videos right to the end, instead of getting bored and clicking on something else.

Besides just keeping people interested, the amount of social media interaction that you are going to get with videos is substantially higher than other forms of content.

As per the Content Marketing Institute research, people are ten times more likely to connect, share, or comment on video content than blogs and other social media.

The UK Parliament used the video below to explain how general elections work, and there’s no doubt that it’s way more engaging than listening to someone babble on and lecture you about elections.

  1. Mobile-friendly

It helps you entice mobile users (especially on iPad). We bet you did not expect that, did you? That generation of iPhone, always busy and glued to their screens, never paying attention to anything ... except for video, it turns out!

According to research by Measurable Metrics, smartphone users have consistently surpassed desktop users when it comes to video interaction. Users on laptop and desktop computers could barely make it through 1 minute of video without baiting and going surfing the web.

But iPhone users watch an average of 2.4 minutes of content. Android users are even more active, dedicating 3 minutes of their time to watch a video. And iPad users come to the top with an outstanding 5 minutes – remarkable for a noisy digital age, that's right!

  1. It Appeals to Busy People

There is quite a debate going on about what's best for busy people: text, or video. And while text has been around for centuries, and has undeniably many benefits, do you know why video is more capable of winning?

Based on research conducted with busy executives, the majority said they'd rather watch than reading! Forbes' "Videos in the C-Suite" study shows that 80% of executives watch weekly business-related animated videos, and 59% prefer video to text.

If you're selling to busy executives, but you cannot use a lot of video content, there is a simple way to begin. Get your best-performing piece of text-based content and re-purpose it in a video that you can use in front of your target audience.

In doing so, you can not only draw more interest from the busy executives you're trying to sell to, but also significantly reduce the time it takes to introduce them to your bid. What used to be a 30-minute sales discussion or a 10-page marketing white paper might become a 2-or 3-minute whiteboard and cartoon animation video ... and become much more efficient.

A great trade-off, don't you think?

  1. They are Fun

Animations are just fun to watch, no matter how old you are (I'm in my 30s, and I still love watching The Simpsons) and that entertainment value can be extended to almost any idea, no matter how dull it is.

In any event, investing in whiteboard video development is a perfect way to showcase a service or product to potential clients.

Strategies like explainer videos and whiteboard videos help you present complicated details in ways that people can understand while keeping them informed and promoting the company at the same time.

  1. It Gives You Access to Foreign Clients

Sooner or later, if you run a major, profitable company, you'll be considering international expansion. For digital marketing using videos, it's easier than ever to hit a global audience. Obviously much easier than text-based or audio content!

For instance, on YouTube alone – the world's second-largest search engine – as many as 80% of video views come from outside of the USA and 70% of searches are in non-English language!

If you really want to break out of your national market, you want to keep this in mind for the future. Add in foreign language sub-titles or captions, or even foreign language voice overs in your animated video and you’ve just expanded your marketing reach.

For the same reasons that make it more unforgettable, whiteboard and cartoon animation video is naturally better suitable for global viewing. Thanks to the combination of narration and visuals, it is quite clear to audiences who are not native English speakers.

Using Whiteboard Animation Videos to Send a Message

The creative, fascinating style of whiteboard animation videos can be used for more than just business sales and messaging. In addition, whiteboarding can be a very powerful method for fostering creativity and advocacy.

If you want to educate audiences on a matter that is close and dear to your heart or to empower and encourage users to improve their environments, whiteboard writing can be especially useful when it comes to illustrating knowledge that exists only in your imagination.

Can’t wait to reap the benefits of an animated explainer video or whiteboard video? Contact us at Reelmedia and check out our animation and whiteboard video production services to learn more.

Branding can be a hit or miss opportunity; there are many ways that a company can go about it.  The ultimate goal when branding a company name or product is carrying the sense of familiarity, a feeling of comfort that one can instill in customers.  There are many tried and true methods that are achievable with this mode of operation, from radio jingles to television commercials.  From print ads that hide in magazines to massively erected billboards: it is no question that it’s a proven road to success.  However, with the World Wide Web (the internet) becoming the massive outlet it is today with social media, branding has become even easier.  The methods that website video production teams employ contain a goal of instant gratification, a precisely planned and executed project.

Website Video Production Is An Expanding Market

Millions of users scour the net each day, hungry for new information and product.  The images come fast, and come plenty.  So web video fits in naturally because it is not only instantaneous, it is informative and aesthetically pleasing.  Depending on which website video production company house you decide to work with, the goals are all the same.  You will find that the process is not only fascinating, it’s quite exciting.  From gathering information based on demographics and websites to implementing them, your site will take a shape of its own.   Your video based adverts will become shaped not only by your customers, but by how you want your company and its products to be perceived.  A standard video production can aim for television and the like, but website video production focuses on new media.  New Media is a form of creating digital content that works in several facets: websites for one, social media, search engines and the like.

When creating this opportunity for a company, keep in mind that branding is the key to success.  After finding your specific audience, writers can be brought in to create copy and scripts that truncate the message a company is sending.  From there, the production company will work on pre-production with story board artists, set designers and the like to further the process.

Communicating Your Message With Website Video Production

In what way will your commercial speak to the masses, in a humorous tone?  Will it be testimonial, will is evoke an emotional feeling?  These are all factors that decide what light your product will be put in.

From Words To Streaming: The Digital Effect

Website Video Production lives up to its name in a unique manner: it produces products.  When the production teams then move on to actual filming, the steps of hiring talent should already been taken care of in preproduction, easing the flow of progress.  The filming can be done by either the production team themselves in house, or by outsourcing it to other trusted companies.  The project is then sent through to editing to make the final sound mixes, cuts and graphic visuals.  All wrapped up in a neat little visual package that speaks directly to an audience, the product is finally ready for the public.

Website video production is a proven method for gaining sales and loyal customers. Websites have integrated video and new media content to satiate the needs of a growing public’s short attention span.  The world has gone digital and sales for companies that have embraced this method of video marketing have come away with bigger brand recognition than ever before.

So, join the digital age today and become as successful as you can by working with a Website video production teams.  For great deals on video production, contact us now!

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How often do you listen to a radio ad, or watch the same boring commercials before you begin to dislike a product without even trying it?  This is the problem facing many corporations that incorrectly brand their products in a certain light.  The achievement of a successful brand is not solely for monetary gain, but to create a social friendly projection of a company’s reasoning.  You want to have a massive audience that returns for the next evolutionary step, don’t you?  Well with video marketing, Singapore based companies have realized this has become the next step in achieving immediate success.

Video Marketing is a process in which the company selling the product works in tandem with a video advertising institution.  From there, a marketing plan is drafted based upon which audience and demographic the company is aiming for.  Having the distinct demographics that are being targeted for a particular ad lays down the skeleton of the project.  The success of the advert is reliant on how well the pre-production process goes.

Next, writers are brought in to further shape the advert in whichever way the company gives their blessing.  Whether it be comedic, heart-warming or straight forward informative testimonials, there are plenty of options to take. Once the project has attained ‘in-production’ status, the work of camera operators, directors and sound persons comes into play.  There is so much going on behind the scenes, yet it’s not even hinted at in the final product.  The ad will then be handed over to post production, where final editing, sound mixing and graphics will be applied.

Why You Should Outsource Video Marketing in Singapore

This process may sound like an enormous task, but in actuality, it’s quite a streamlined effort when done with a video marketing professional in Singapore.  These video marketing Singapore based companies either hire video production firms to tend to the task of actual filming and editing, or can work completely in house.  All the physical task is left to the video marketing team; the branding company is relied upon to accept or reject the final product.

When you choose professional video marketing in Singapore based companies, it becomes quite a simple process that houses multiple tasks to create one finished idea which is released in quick succession to a waiting audience.

The Importance of Video Marketing In The Digital Era

The Internet has millions of viewers daily.  It is the proven testing ground for new companies vying to legitimize their brand.  With an ever changing economy calling for the need to reduce advertising costs, video marketing being uploaded and streamed online was only an eventuality.  Video marketing can help by creating a strong sense of reliability and, more importantly, believability.

Plus, there are so many companies utilizing the popularity of search engines, optimising a website’s video content has become a tried and true method.  It not only capitalizes on websites that use Search Engine Optimization programming, it gives an instantaneous look into what your company stands for right to the viewer.

To succeed today, you need video marketing.  Singapore has what you’re looking for, it’s only a matter of finding it.  To get started with some great deals on video marketing packages, contact us right now!

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  • Please provide your contact number so we can have a friendly discussion to get more clarity on your requirements. We're here to help and give you the best possible quote.
  • After producing an awesome video, you need it to be seen online by the world. Have you considered ranking it #1 in YouTube & Google, and promoting it via social media?

When it comes to video marketing, Singapore has a high demand for digital output.  It’s an easy, cost effective and assured way to brand your company.  Video marketing in the simplest terms brings together all aspects of new media in to a cohesive visual summary.

With the utilization of writers, actors, directors and editors, a company’s product is given new life.  We’re all used to radio ads and late night commercials that continuously hawk items, but with the new age of video marketing, we can control what we see.  With this latest venue in which we can see the effects of video marketing, Singapore has the potential to get its economy back on track with the Internet.  Sure there are television ads to be watched, and the droning voices of audio programs, but with the advent and growing importance of the internet, guaranteed audiences bolster interest in the digital medium.

Why Use Video Marketing?

A quick and somewhat inexpensive venue for creating a face for your company, video marketing creates a necessary setting for your wares in the digital age.  The process is a time old profession, but has been optimized for the World Wide Web.  With a solid script in place, your commercialized spot is then taken through the process of casting and storyboarding.  It is during this process that your products will be given the almost cinematic treatment that is able to attract a crowd.  The talent you wrangle to give a human element and show the effectiveness of your wares is incredibly important.  The popularity of high definition video cameras create an a amazing vision for your products that will capture your audience.  Also, with slick, streamlined editing, the final product shown will show consistency with your company’s dedication to top notch value.

The fast and furious nature of advertising is reason enough to turn to the video age, streamlined to millions of viewers on their computers, or hand held devices.  In the age of the internet, millions of viewers search the web for new and interesting information.  This is the key for a company that is either fledgling or looking to revitalize their image.  If the effort is extremely goal oriented in video marketing, Singaporen websites alone are prime targets for international buyers.

Personal Branding And How It Affects Your Sales

How you wish to approach the branding of your company and its products on video is between you and the video marketing team.  The possibilities are endless.  Regardless of the means, the end goal is to create an advertisement that will work towards achieving social awareness, and eventually turn over a profit.

Can Video Marketing in Singapore Can Lead To A Revitalized Economy?

Being a voice in both the local and global economy is ultimately the plan.  What speaks to the massive traffic that consumes the internet is instant gratification.  The pursuit of immediate knowledge of a product, testimonials and the like all create an extreme desire for a product that is attainable through the electronic purchasing power of the Internet.  Creating this opportunity for all potential buyers is the key to your company’s success.

There has never been an easier time than right now to become a marketing force to be reckoned with by using video marketing.  Singapore is primed for the taking.  So what are you waiting for?  Visit our corporate video production services now to begin making progress in your sales with videos!

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  • Please provide your contact number so we can have a friendly discussion to get more clarity on your requirements. We're here to help and give you the best possible quote.
  • After producing an awesome video, you need it to be seen online by the world. Have you considered ranking it #1 in YouTube & Google, and promoting it via social media?

The potential of new media has grown exponentially over the years.  From brochures in the mail, to late night infomercials, commercialization of product has evolved.  The most applicable to date is online video marketing.  This is process which has made the short attention span suffering consumer into viable customer primed for advertising.  Selling product in this day and age has now become streamlined through the magic of digital editing, and smart, irreverent advertising.

The New Age Of Online Video Marketing

The process of online video marketing replaces televised commercials with streaming digital content and is a juggernaut of potentiality.  One of the more enticing aspects of online video marketing is the freedom of content.  Depending on which product you are advertising, the use of skillful writing, direction and editing can shape how you want your company to be perceived. It is open territory, and testing grounds to be so spectacularly creative, you can have a much bigger impact in this digital age.

The strength in the selling of your product goes hand in hand with the level of creativity you pair it with.  What kind of tone do you sell with your wares, is it straight forward, comedic, filmic. These are all aspects to be aware of when tackling this form of advertisement.  The levels behind the scenes in development of your online video marketing vary.  What to do with your finished product is what makes the operation even more fruitful.  Here are some ways that can further your new media’s path to the public eye.

  • Production value: Having a high production value for your online video marketing will certainly give credibility to your product.  There are many ways that this can be achieved even on the smallest of budgets.  From smarter scripts that utilize budget concerns to create a more original voice in adverts.
  • Talent: Who do you have selling your product and what personalities do you see marketing your projects?  The tonal qualities of this vary, but are incredibly important. What age range are you aiming for?  What type of audience do you feel would react to your scripted media?
  • Visible web presence: On what sites will you premiere your content?  The sites that you do decide to publicly promote your product, are they SEO-friendly?  What audience do they align with?  How much of a blanket will you have on the World Wide Web?  These are questions that help cover every tiny detail that is incredibly important when trying to attain traffic.  When a web presence is created for your company, make sure that your homepage’s URL is directly stated in the promotion. Online video marketing is virtually useless without a website to back it up.

More Questions

How will your site work around your web videos?  How will they tie in, the theme of the site?  These aspects are a part of new media marketing as a whole with the buzzword being synergy.  A culmination of web design, ads, neighboring websites, SEO and video awaits you.  But how can you possibly achieve all this?

The Answer Is Professional Online Video Marketing

In order to succeed, you will need a profession team to help you expertly produce and market your product online through video.  Luckily there are some very special deals awaiting you with one of the top Singaporean video marketers at this link.  Visit our video production and video marketing page and get started down the road to success!

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  • Please provide your contact number so we can have a friendly discussion to get more clarity on your requirements. We're here to help and give you the best possible quote.
  • After producing an awesome video, you need it to be seen online by the world. Have you considered ranking it #1 in YouTube & Google, and promoting it via social media?

When it comes to video marketing, you have to understand the overwhelming popularity of online video in order to properly utilize the strategy.  Almost 60% of the Internet (according to ComScore) is made up of traffic from video watching.  That’s over half the market!  So, it’s easy to see why you would benefit from using video marketing as part of an integrated website campaign to reach the highest amount of potential customers possible.

But many of the video marketing companies in Singapore today take a far too simplistic approach to their campaigns.  They simply put up a video and hope it works.  That is not true video marketing.  In order to best serve your business, what you need is a marketing company that understands what video marketing truly is.

What Are The Components Of True Video Marketing?

Here are a few services that you will want to look for when choosing your online marketing company in Singapore.  Make sure they can offer you these services or do not hire them:

Video Content Development

This entails developing a video that is both entertaining and of high quality while also serving your promotional needs.  It’s a fine line to walk.  You don’t want a video that comes off as a lecture or a commercial, but you also don’t want a cartoon or a sitcom.  The perfect balance can be achieved by professional video marketers in Singapore; you just have to find them (stay tuned for how in a bit).

Video Production & Editing

Because of the overwhelming amount of video content out there, it’s not enough to just have great content anymore.  The production and editing must be of superior quality or people just aren’t going to watch it.  With most computer screens being high-definition, customers aren’t going to want to watch a slideshow on Powerpoint, they want cutting edge graphics that makes use of their fancy computer screens!

Video Optimisation & Marketing

You can’t just put the videos up on sharing websites and hope for results.  You need a professional in video marketing to optimise your content to ensure that you have the maximum number of people viewing it.

YouTube Marketing

YouTube is the hottest place for video marketing and a solid video marketing campaign manager will not overlook this fact.  With more than 800 million viewers a month, YouTube is the place to be for online video marketing placement.

Because of this, you need a video marketing professional who knows how to target YouTube to enhance your brand image. They have to understand the formulaic system YouTube operates on in order to reach the first page of search results.

Video Submission

There are under a hundred video sharing sites online, but only about half of them are where you want to be.  A video marketing specialist will be able to target the right ones for you and get your video content out there, optimised, so the whole world can see it.

Where To Find The Best Video Marketing Company

Finding a company that meets all of these strict criteria can be challenging.  Luckily, there is one that comes highly recommended by some of the top businesses in Singapore.  To start your video marketing campaign today, visit our Singapore video production page right now for the most competitive prices from the top video marketers in Singapore.

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We would love to hear from you! Please fill out this form and we will get in touch with you shortly.
  • Please provide your contact number so we can have a friendly discussion to get more clarity on your requirements. We're here to help and give you the best possible quote.
  • After producing an awesome video, you need it to be seen online by the world. Have you considered ranking it #1 in YouTube & Google, and promoting it via social media?

A big facet of a maintaining a viable web presence is the advent of streaming video.  The range and information of content varies per company, but rest assured the video age is dominating the World Wide Web.  When you browse web pages, the most aggressive campaigns aside from pop up ads are in the medium of streaming video.  This is possible through video production services, an integral form of communicating with the masses.

These services can decide how you want your products or wares to be seen to an audience of potential customers.  It is critical that several steps be taken when laying down the skeleton of your campaign.  This is called demographics and preplanning:

  • Finding the appropriate age range and other social orientations will predict the type of individual you will focus on.
  • When that is compiled, your professional video production services team will be properly attuned to fill the needs of the product.
  • Deciding how the product will be marketed and sold are the definitive actions that will make your company stand out from the crowd.
  • Will the ads be in a comedic tone, serious, straight forward?  These are the types of issues that are discussed and noted to create the perfect formula.

Moving Forward With Video Production Services

When Video Production Services then move onto the next phase, the method of selling is key.  Using state of the art technology, such as cameras, sound recording equipment and graphics, a true sense of aesthetic advertisement is achieved.  How this comes about is through the hiring of actors, the script being written to make a concise effort to explain what is sold and seamless editing after filming.

How you envision your company being received is all in the communication between video production services and yourself.  There may be a niche audience you are aiming for, or a broad spectrum; it all depends on to whom you want to market.  Video production services are obviously not only for the web, but span from television to mobile devices as well.

Into the Age of Mobile Devices, Video Adverts Begin to Flourish

Speaking of mobile domination, the current trend of streaming new media through phones and other web friendly hand held devices is an extremely popular medium.  Video production service provides a necessary element to keep your brand current, to inform the masses that your product matters.  Through flashy or discreet adverts, an artistic flair can connect your wares to a population that otherwise would not even pay attention.  It is an age where trends come and go, but having just one memorable ad can cement your company as a viable commodity for years to come.

The common lengths of current ads that stream on the Internet range from thirty to sixty seconds. How much information you can pack into that time frame is essential to keep your business afloat.  The attention spans of a digital community are what you are aiming to win over, so using the proper video production services to achieve that is essential.

So, what are you waiting for, millions of people are ready to see what you are selling.  Visiting our video production services page now to bring the people what they want: you.

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We would love to hear from you! Please fill out this form and we will get in touch with you shortly.
  • Please provide your contact number so we can have a friendly discussion to get more clarity on your requirements. We're here to help and give you the best possible quote.
  • After producing an awesome video, you need it to be seen online by the world. Have you considered ranking it #1 in YouTube & Google, and promoting it via social media?